My London Spa Escape (And You Can Have One, Too!)

Spa Break

If you are anything like me, you know the stress of a busy lifestyle. There are days where you wake up and you aren’t even sure whether is Monday or Friday. Between the endless school runs, visits to the doctors office, and last minute grocery store visits, it can be hard to remember what relaxation feels like. I was reflecting on the past 5 years and realized I hadn’t taken a trip let alone a break, since my daughter was born. I knew I needed to get away so I took to the internet hoping I would find some relaxing retreat where I could escape my busy mom lifestyle. Continue reading “My London Spa Escape (And You Can Have One, Too!)”

The Benefits Of Organic Dentistry

Organic dentistry, often referred to as “holistic dentistry”, “natural dentistry”, or “biocompatible dentistry”, makes your overall physical and mental health its main concern, rather than limiting itself primarily to the mouth and its various dental structures. Organic dentists understand that the entire body, like everything else in nature, is interconnected. Certain dental procedures may be beneficial for your gums, but detrimental to other parts of your body, such as in certain rough gum cleaning techniques that can force bacteria and other harmful substances into the bloodstream. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Organic Dentistry”

High Quality Bedroom Furniture in Washington By Wilding Wallbeds

Bedroom Furniture in Washington

Wilding Wallbeds is proud to announce that we now ship our fine products to Washington. We build the finest Murphy beds in the industry and we know that we have the perfect Murphy bed for your home and lifestyle Washington is a fantastic state in the Pacific Northwest. From the Cascade Mountain Range (with volcanic activity) in the east of the state to the rolling hills of the desert in the west, Washington truly has it all. Seattle is home to Microsoft and Amazon, companies that are giants in the world of commerce. The economy is strong in Washington and the population is continually growing because of the fine living conditions. Wilding Wallbeds is pleased to now be able to offer our superb products to the state. Continue reading “High Quality Bedroom Furniture in Washington By Wilding Wallbeds”

Quality Bedroom Furniture in Nevada

Bedroom Furniture in Nevada

There are plenty of big box stores and furniture stores to visit when looking for new bedroom furniture in Nevada. There are also many choices to choose from on the internet. The only problem with these options is that the quality and function might not fit your style and needs for your bedrooms. Wilding Wallbeds has various different styles of beds to choose from and are able to customize them to fit exactly what you want in your home. We can ship bedroom furniture in Nevada to any city and will have you feeling more comfortable in your home in no time. Continue reading “Quality Bedroom Furniture in Nevada”

Alcohol And Its Effects On Your Dental Health

Dentists Recommend Abstaining From Alcohol

When you are hanging out with your family and friends and you are celebrating either a birthday or just being together, it’s not uncommon to have a drink or two. As soon as a drink a night becomes two or three drinks a night, and when those drinks are happening every night and not just on special occasions, you might have the beginnings of an alcohol addiction. Heavy drinking is considered more than 15 drinks a week and consuming that amount of alcohol on a regular basis can cause numerous health problems. High blood pressure, liver inflammations, and pancreatitis are just a few problems that can come from drinking too much. However, one health concern that is commonly overlooked is your dental health. Continue reading “Alcohol And Its Effects On Your Dental Health”

Beautiful and Functional Bedroom Furniture in Arizona

Bedroom Furniture in Arizona

With beautiful vistas and amazing winter weather, it’s no surprise that many people call Arizona home and many more use the Grand Canyon state as their home away from home during the cold winter months. This great state offers a wide range of affordable locations to settle down in, but sometimes you simply don’t have enough room. We think you’ll agree that if there’s one thing that virtually every Arizona homeowner or renter needs, it’s more space. Continue reading “Beautiful and Functional Bedroom Furniture in Arizona”

What Foods Does Your Idaho Falls Dentist Want You to Avoid?

Idaho Falls Dentist

Let’s face it: hardly anybody actually likes going to the dentist. It’s disruptive to your schedule, often takes a significant amount of time, and isn’t generally very comfortable. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to make sure that you have strong, healthy teeth that look great. Regular dental checkups with your trusted Idaho Falls dentist are a key part of maintaining or creating the bright, shining smile that you’ve always dreamed of having. Continue reading “What Foods Does Your Idaho Falls Dentist Want You to Avoid?”