5 Common Reasons Trademark Applications Get Rejected

There Is “Likelihood Of Confusion”

A mark being confusingly similar to an existing mark is easily the most common reason for USPTO rejection.

This doesn’t just apply to logos or color themes – if you wanted to sell computers and had your own unique name, logo, and color scheme, but wanted to sell them under the name “Appl”, your mark will be rejected.

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DIY Home Security – How To Deter Break-Ins

If you aren’t ready to install a technical home security system with access control, video monitoring, and all the other bells and whistles, it doesn’t mean you need to live like an easy mark for burglars.

Arm your home with the following and the chances of a home invasion will go down drastically. You can probably get a lot of this done on any given Saturday.

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Family Dentist Vs. General Dentist – What’s The Difference?

Many people use the terms “family dentist” and “general dentist” interchangeably, but there is actually a difference – a subtle one, but one that can be important depending on your situation.

All dentists are required to have extensive education before they can begin practicing. Schooling for dentistry typically involves 3+ years of undergraduate education plus another 4 years of dental school.

Family dentists and general dentists are similar in this way. They also perform the same procedures on their patients, like:

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How To Choose A Snow Removal Company

snow removal equipment moving snow

Residents of Idaho Falls that have been dreaming of a white Christmas appear to be getting their wish this year. With the first big snowfall of the year that just hit, some people are scrambling to find a snow removal company. Especially with more snow in the forecast. If you are reading this, you just might be in the same sled (or boat if you prefer the original saying).

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10 Simple Gardening Tips

Original Article Written by Jared Brost

A good garden is one that not only looks good but also gives the required returns either in terms of enough crop produced to feed your family or in terms of money after selling the produce. This will be governed by the effort that you put into taking care of our garden.
Are you looking for ways and means of making your garden more productive? Here are some simple tips on how to go about it.

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What Colors Should You Use On Your Website?

website color

We all know what graphic design is, if you don’t, go look it up. When we are designing a website, we need to determine what we want the customer to feel when they visit our website. And a big factor of that is the use of color. Colors can evoke so many emotions in people it’s crazy. Why do you think almost all fast food restaurants have red and yellow colors in their logo and on their website? Red will cause you to feel hungry and heighten your sense of stimulation, while yellow makes you feel happy.

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