The History and Maintenance of Chevrolet Trucks

Custom Chevy Truck

For over 100 years, the automobile has been a fascination and obsession to mankind. Starting out as a one-cylinder engine that the top speed was only 10 miles per hour; now compared to eight-cylinder engines with top speeds over 200 miles per hour, the growth is drastic. Man’s desire to push the limits and soar to new heights is what drives the force of automobile technology advancement. But what about the good ‘ole days? Owning a classic, or vintage, Chevrolet Truck is just as, if not more, rewarding than a new truck straight from the lot.

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What To Do If You’ve Just Been In a Traffic Accident

As we go through life, driving can end up becoming second nature, and we often go long periods of time without any major driving events taking place. We become complacent, and for many, the occasional traffic ticket is about as exciting an event as they’ll ever experience while driving.

It isn’t surprising that most people report the experience of a car accident as highly surreal. Time slows down to a crawl because of the massive adrenaline rush this event triggers.

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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Restore a Classic Chevy Truck Yourself

Rare is the person who knows enough about trucks, or even one particular style of truck, that they can confidently and competently make restorations to a truck without things going awry. In fact this person is virtually nonexistent. Even the experts who have been working on vehicles their entire lives will tell you, there’s rarely a time when things go according to plan.

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Why We Use Radiator Hose Clamps

radiator hose clamp

You’re probably aware that your vehicle has a multitude of hoses running throughout the engine to keep your vehicle operating as it was intended to. Probably one of the most important set of hoses underneath the hood of your car or truck are the radiator hoses. The radiator itself is one of the more vital components to your vehicle as it keeps your engine operating at the optimum temperature, which is anywhere between 95 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

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In’s and Out’s of a Chevrolet Truck Restoration

One of the best feelings you can experience is that feeling you get when you’re driving down the road, the sun is shining, your windows are down and your hands are on the wheel of a recently restored Chevrolet Truck. Passerby’s are envious but they also admire all the hard work that’s put into a classic restoration. You yourself knows above anyone else the time and effort that’s required for a proper and complete restoration. Pure satisfaction is one great reason why you should look into restoring your Chevy Truck today. Continue reading “In’s and Out’s of a Chevrolet Truck Restoration”

Interior Chevy Truck Restoration

When it comes to restoring your classic Chevy Truck you want to ensure top notch quality. If you’re going to go through the effort you may as well do it right and completely. There are many different parts and pieces to a vehicle all the way from the mirrors to the electronics down to the tires. All of which will have to be checked for quality condition. You could focus on getting the engine up and running, but you would still be left with a half-finished project. The body and interior of a classic Chevy Truck are key parts to a complete restoration. Continue reading “Interior Chevy Truck Restoration”