5 Common Reasons Trademark Applications Get Rejected

There Is “Likelihood Of Confusion”

A mark being confusingly similar to an existing mark is easily the most common reason for USPTO rejection.

This doesn’t just apply to logos or color themes – if you wanted to sell computers and had your own unique name, logo, and color scheme, but wanted to sell them under the name “Appl”, your mark will be rejected.

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Starting a Business? Here’s Why You Need an Attorney

Business People

If you’re starting a business, you know there are a lot of things you are responsible for. A lot of problems can easily arise during your entrepreneurial efforts, and potential legal issues are not to be taken lightly. 

There are 3 main areas of law that you will need to become more familiar with if your business is to succeed.

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Trademark Registration, Protection, & Enforcement

What Are Trademarks?

Trademark Registration

Trademarks come in many forms, but their defining quality comes down to one simple thing: they represent and identify products, content, and/or services from a specific entity (specifically, an individual, business, or legal entity).

A trademark is a kind of intellectual property, thus there are many things that can be trademarked, including:

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Can I Go to Jail for Giving False Evidence?

black and white photo of evidence

Evidence is used in criminal and civil cases to help win your case or prove that the other person is guilty (depending upon what side of the law you are on). When false evidence is given or tampered with during a criminal trial, the consequences are severe. It doesn’t matter in what manner the evidence was fabricated in favor of the person presenting the false evidence, giving false evidence is an automatic felony. If you have been charged with giving false evidence, contact a Springfield criminal defense attorney immediately, your future depends on it. 

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Traffic Control Plans For Events In Sacramento

Block Party, Man Playing Bass

Traffic control plans are a large part of planning an event in Sacramento. Whether you’re planning a parade, farmers market, or block party, you’ll need to make the appropriate plans. Applying for an event permit is a huge part. Unfortunately it’s not as user friendly as we’d hope it would be. So we’ll give you the rundown of what to do to ensure you get that event off the ground without too much turbulence. 

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Unhealthy Relationship Signs That May Surprise You

upset man on chair -Springfield domestic assault

Like most things that are worthwhile, relationships take constant work. No matter how long you’ve been with someone, whether in a romantic or platonic relationship, things will never be perfect. Yes, there will most definitely be some highlight reels that you can look back on with fondness, but the perfect relationship doesn’t exist. What does exist, though, are healthy and loving relationships. And, with determination from both parties, many healthy relationships can stand the test of time. However, some relationships, either with family members, friends, or a romantic partner, can take a turn for the worse in some cases and may even lead to domestic assault in Springfield. Before this happens, we want to make sure that you are able to spot the signs of an unhealthy relationship before something terrible happens. 

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Bizzare DUI Arrests of 2019

man confused while driving - DUI Missouri

Most of the time, DUI arrests in Missouri are relatively uneventful. 

Officer pulls a person over under suspicion of intoxicated driving, assesses their state, and determines whether or not that person is or is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, whenever you throw alcohol or drugs into the mix, things are bound to get weird. Here is the latest roundup of bizarre drunk driving tales from across the United States. Buckle up. You’re in for a wild ride.  

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What To Do When You’ve Been Pulled Over

Police Car Lights - DUI attorney Springfield

Like many things in life, we all drive a bit differently. For some of us, this can mean getting pulled over more than average, while others can go five to ten years without ever having an encounter with the police for breaking the rules of the road.

For those in the latter camp, getting pulled over can be incredibly stressful. It often happens when you least expect it. You’ve driven for so long without a police encounter that when those red and blue lights flash in your rearview mirror, combined with that ear-piercing siren, you might not know what to do at first.

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Serious Tax Problems And How To Handle Them

Most tax mistakes that people make are also ones that are relatively easy to remedy.  These are common issues like not filing on time, filing for a wrong status, making mistakes while filling out a tax form such as math mistakes or spelling errors, or even filing taxes on the wrong form.  While these mistakes will give you a headache and you’ll likely have to refile and offer explanations, and perhaps pay a small penalty, they usually are straightforward and quick to resolve. A tax preparer or attorney would easily be able to help you figure out how to handle these tax problems.  Less common, but much grimmer are the problems that come with not paying taxes for whatever reason. You want to avoid these if possible, but if you find yourself already past this point, there may still be some help for your tax woes.

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