Common Driving Myths, Debunked

Using Your Cell Phone in Any Way While Driving is Illegal – Not Entirely True

While it’s true that texting and driving is illegal in almost all cases, the same can’t be said for talking on your cell phone, speaker phone, or Bluetooth device. The reason why texting and driving is almost universally illegal is pretty straightforward: With modern smartphones, you are usually required to take your eyes off the road to see what you’re texting, and this results in a situation that’s even more dangerous than drunk driving.

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First Comes Divorce, Then Comes Bankruptcy?

Collier bankruptcy attorney

Nobody plans on filing for divorce, let alone bankruptcy, unfortunately these two events occasionally go hand-in-hand. Considered to be one of the leading causes of filing for bankruptcy, divorce is an emotionally tolling circumstance that when paired with bankruptcy, can lead to one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. If you foresee bankruptcy occurring as part of your divorce or if you and your ex-spouse are filing for both, there are some essential factors to consider before you do. Continue reading “First Comes Divorce, Then Comes Bankruptcy?”

What To Do If You’ve Just Been In a Traffic Accident

As we go through life, driving can end up becoming second nature, and we often go long periods of time without any major driving events taking place. We become complacent, and for many, the occasional traffic ticket is about as exciting an event as they’ll ever experience while driving.

It isn’t surprising that most people report the experience of a car accident as highly surreal. Time slows down to a crawl because of the massive adrenaline rush this event triggers.

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What You Need To Know About Minor Consumption and Possession of Alcohol in Missouri

Minor Consumption and Possession of Alcohol in Missouri

It’s common knowledge that the legal drinking age across the United States is 21 years old, however this law does not prevent many underage drinkers, usually “adult” offenders from consuming alcohol. Even though trends are suggesting that more and more teenagers are choosing not to drink, MIP laws (Minor in Possession) laws in Missouri are still broken every year. Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Minor Consumption and Possession of Alcohol in Missouri”

Understanding How to Pick a Trial Lawyer

What to look for in a trial lawyer?

Life can change drastically after you have been served with papers or you decide to sue someone for some wrong committed. It is rare that individuals represent themselves before the court. This is known as “pro se” representation. The other option that most individuals choose is to obtain a good trial lawyer. This also makes you wonder because you may not know what to look for in a trial lawyer and whether they are the lawyer to meet your needs.

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What Bankruptcy Can and Can’t Do For You

Port Charlotte Bankruptcy Attorney

Deciding to file bankruptcy is not a decision that is ever made lightly. Many of us intuitively know that filing bankruptcy will have repercussions on our financial future, however if we have decided to file for bankruptcy, it can also mean we have run out of options. Despite the inherent repercussions, bankruptcy can be a suitable option for many Americans facing financial crisis. Before you make the decision to file bankruptcy you must first make sure that filing bankruptcy can even help you clear the type of debt you owe. Not all debt is wiped away after you file bankruptcy. Continue reading “What Bankruptcy Can and Can’t Do For You”

Issued a Traffic Ticket? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

On an abstract level, we all understand the importance of traffic tickets. They provide many of us (most of us, in fact) the incentive we need to drive in a safe and civil manner.

That said, we also have the legal right to fight these tickets in court. And once one is issued, that option becomes all too tempting.

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Knowing How To Protect Your Business When You Get Sued

What happens when my business gets sued?

This is a question that creates anxiety among many business owners both small and large. Not knowing if or when you can be sued can always be a worry. Understanding the legal process of being sued can create a sense of comfort if your business ever does get sued. Getting sued can come from many different avenues. The reasons could be employment discrimination, intellectual property infringement, breach of contract, fraud, or other suits. The process of being sued is similar in most instances. Continue reading “Knowing How To Protect Your Business When You Get Sued”