Should Educators Be Paid According to Their Students’ Academic Performance?

Teacher standing in front of a chalkboard

Why some teachers are better than others? Do they work harder than their colleagues do? Are they more skilled and talented? Or they simply get lucky? While none or everything may be true, there are people who think that a student’s academic success depends on how skilled and motivational their teachers are. It follows that teachers themselves should be motivated to bring more students to success – by being paid for the result, not for the attempts. And while in theory, it may sound like a really good idea, everything isn’t as smooth in practice.

Here are 5 reasons why paying teachers for how well their students perform in the class is a bad idea.

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Who Provides Fertilizing Services In Idaho Falls?

Growing up, my family had several apple trees in the backyard. They were a joy to climb, and the apples made fantastic things to throw at one another, but my entire life, we never had apples that were edible. They were all eaten by squirrels, caterpillars, or were just plain and simple, too small to be truly edible. Our trees were never fertilized, or sprayed with pesticides, as a result. They never could produce much but the apples that were rotting on the trees. Which, as a small boy, made them all the better for throwing, but now that I’ve gotten quite a bit older, actually eating the fruit instead has moved it’s way up my list. But who provides fertilizing services in Idaho Falls? And how exactly does that help the trees produce more fruit?

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Chronic Anxiety: A Self-Help Guide

Anxiety is natural. Everyone—with the possible exception of the comatose—experiences anxiety to some degree at some point each day.

Chronic anxiety is different. For those suffering from it, it seems as though the anxiety response is permanently turned on and directed towards, well, everything and nothing at the same time. 

This ramps up anxiety levels regarding certain situations, topics, ideas, the list is endless.

Let’s give a quick rundown of the common symptoms of chronic anxiety:

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Five Foods For A Brighter Smile

woman smiling eating a carrot

Of course, it’s important to brush and floss regularly, but what else can we be doing to win the fight for whiter teeth and brighter smiles? Our smiles can say a lot about our diet. Teeth discoloration occurs when bacteria build up in your mouth. Bacteria loves sweet sugar just like the rest of us. The bacteria will ferment the sugar into an enamel-eating acid that can be the cause of countless dental care issues later. Discoloration is just one of many examples of what can happen to your oral health when bacteria is allowed to move in.

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