Dogs – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Our canine companions are often pretty straightforward creatures. They wear their emotions on their sleeves, and we can generally understand them through a simple look they give us, or the tone of their bark, or the way they move around the room. Dogs are different than cats in this way, as cats are more secretive and less emotional.

That said, there are still questions many people have about these furry creatures. In this post, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions about dogs.

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Efficient & Eco-Friendly Heating and Power

eco-friendly energy

It is important to understand what energy is and how it is used today. Primary Energy (PE) is the energy found in nature that has not been engineered by any man made processes. It is typically contained within raw fuels such as fossil fuels and other forms of energy that are received as the input into a system. This energy can either be Renewable or Non-Renewable. Continue reading “Efficient & Eco-Friendly Heating and Power”

The Dangers of Concussions

You’ve seen it before in movies. the star athlete whose life is put in danger from his numerous concussions he’s had throughout his career. His doctors and family are concerned about his well-being. It always seems like it’s such a huge deal. But, sometimes Hollywood tends to stretch the truth. So what is the truth about concussions? Are they bad for your health? What is being put at risk if you get one? They are common questions patients ask. It’s time they got addressed.

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Knowing Your Local Rock Hill, SC Plumber and When to Contact Them

charlotte plumber giving a thumbs up

In today’s world it is easy to find yourself taking advantage of modern conveniences. For example, you can walk in a room and simply flip a switch to turn on a light, where people used to have to light a candle or start a fire to see in the dark. If you walk into your home or business and it’s cold you can simply go to a thermostat and hit a button for the heat to come on, eliminating the need to build a fire. Then of course there is the convenience of moving a knob to get water. It can be hard to imagine what people went through before indoor plumbing. Having to use outhouses, carrying water from local water supplies to use for cooking, drinking, cleaning and bathing. Then of course there where the hygiene issues. One can only imagine the smells and diseases associated with communities that didn’t have sewer systems and citizens that did not wash or bathe regularly.

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Plumbing Services For All Your Needs

Plumbing Services

Residential Plumbing

Plumbing in residential areas is a common occurrence. People are always in need of plumbing services whether it be for something as simple as a clogged toilet all the way up to something extreme like a burst pipe. Clogged toilets are a common reason to have to call a plumber, there can be a number of reason why the toilet may be clogged. Here is a list to just a name a few:

  • Diapers
  • Paper towels
  • Sanitary products
  • Tissues
  • Foreign objects that a child may have tried to flush like a stuffed animal or even a small race car.

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What To Do If You’ve Just Been In a Traffic Accident

As we go through life, driving can end up becoming second nature, and we often go long periods of time without any major driving events taking place. We become complacent, and for many, the occasional traffic ticket is about as exciting an event as they’ll ever experience while driving.

It isn’t surprising that most people report the experience of a car accident as highly surreal. Time slows down to a crawl because of the massive adrenaline rush this event triggers.

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Window Coverings for All Designs, Layouts, and Purposes

When it comes to interior design, few things are as important as the windows in our home. It’s not just about allowing us to see outside and letting the sunlight in. The placement of our windows has a major effect on how we organize the furniture in our rooms. While most people only understand this implicitly, almost all of use place our furniture based on where the windows are located. They serve as the ultimate focal point by which everything is arranged. Continue reading “Window Coverings for All Designs, Layouts, and Purposes”

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Restore a Classic Chevy Truck Yourself

Rare is the person who knows enough about trucks, or even one particular style of truck, that they can confidently and competently make restorations to a truck without things going awry. In fact this person is virtually nonexistent. Even the experts who have been working on vehicles their entire lives will tell you, there’s rarely a time when things go according to plan.

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