A Balanced Gut Equals A Balanced Mind: Foods To Improve Your Mood

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Even before COVID-19, self-care was already trending. Putting our mental health first has been the theme over the past couple of years and for good reason–it is estimated that one in four people suffer from some type of mental health condition or issue, so taking care of our mental health, along with self-care is absolutely necessary in today’s world. 

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Auto Accident Injuries – When Emergency Care Isn’t Needed, But Something Still Feels Wrong

There are many types of auto accidents ranging from mild to severe. After being involved in one, many people would decide against going to the emergency room for anything short of a broken limb, open wound, or some pretty obvious brain damage.

This is a bad idea.

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How To Exercise From Home The Right Way


Whether it’s simply to get more fit or part of a weight loss program, missing out on your favorite exercise routines at the gym is probably on your top 10 list of frustrations during the 2020 lockdown. You can only go so long before the pent-up energy that normally would have been released at the gym starts to boil over, and it’s made even worse with so much time spent indoors.

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Keep Your Phone Free Of COVID-19

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The more time people spend stuck at home, the more time they are spending on their phones. In turn, this increases the number of germs that may be on your phone and the importance of keeping your devices clean. This is in addition to the extra precautions that we all need to take around our homes. This has never been more true than during this COVID-19 pandemic. What can you do to keep your phone, other devices, and home as clean as possible?

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Natural Ways to Support Your Thyroid

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The thyroid regulates pretty much everything in our body, producing hormones that regulate our metabolism, digestive functions, brain development, and more. That’s why, when a person is diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, such as Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) or Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), bringing the thyroid back into balance, is critical for a person’s overall health. 

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When Is Assisted Living Right For Me?

Deciding when or if assisted living is the right decision for you and your family is a very personal decision. One that you, or you and your current caregiver must make together. The purpose of this article is to provide some guidelines that if you find yourself falling into, may indicate assisted living is the right choice for you. Which brings us back to square 1. When is assisted living right for me?

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What Do Chiropractic Adjustments Feel Like?

In the face of a bulging disc or spinal misalignments, the idea of a chiropractic adjustment can seem daunting. 

What if they mess up and just cause more damage?

What if they break something?

What if they apply more pressure to the bulging disc and set off a fireworks display of pain in my mind?

What Do Chiropractic Adjustments Feel Like?

Relax. A professional, educated chiropractor who knows what he or she is doing isn’t going to do any of that. Yes, there may be some minor discomfort felt in the form of pressure, but the ultimate result of a chiropractic adjustment is to ease your pain, reduce inflammation, align the spine, and increase your mobility.

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What Are Autoimmune Disorders?

To put it simply: an autoimmune disorder is a condition where the immune system attacks the body. The immune system identifies parts of the body as “foreign invaders” and releases autoantibodies (forms of protein) that go on the attack. 

Normally, autoantibodies protect us from bacteria and viruses. However, with an autoimmune disorder, the immune system fails to recognize the difference between foreign cells and those belonging to the body itself.

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