Chemicals In Tap Water: How Bad Is It?

However, have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly is lurking in that seemingly transparent liquid we call tap water?

If we were to isolate all the non-H2O elements present in our tap water and collect them in a cup, the resulting concoction would undoubtedly be disconcerting. Our drinking water contains a multitude of chemicals, minerals, and impurities that are carefully regulated within permissible limits. Some of these substances are natural deposits, while others are introduced through human activities or the water treatment process.

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How Can Behavioral Therapy Help With Behavioral Health Disorders

Behavioral therapy is the process of modifying the way a person thinks and behaves. This type of therapy can be used to help people with a number of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and addiction.

Behavioral therapy is often successful in treating these conditions because it helps to change the underlying thoughts and behaviors that contribute to them. Mental health counselors who specialize in this type of therapy can create an individualized treatment process that works best for you.

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Head to Toe and Inside Out: Simple Everyday Health Strategies

Woman Jogging In A Park

The National Institutes of Health offers some basic, no-nonsense strategies to maintain everyday health. They are all familiar to most of us, like staying active, minding your weight, and eating healthy foods. However, with so many of us juggling work life, parenting and, if you’re lucky, some social activities with daily fitness and food prep can seem overwhelming. Even worse, not being able to accomplish a health goal can lead to stress and feelings of guilt, which is counterproductive to your health goals!

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A Pandemic (and Post-Pandemic) Guide to Home Fitness

Woman and Daughter Doing Home Fitness

Getting fit comes in many forms, and there’s no one right path for everyone. Many people have felt a bit hampered by the need to social distance during the pandemic, however, being unable to get to the gym or shoot hoops at the park. The good news is, there are several things you can do in the comfort of your own home to get moving and stay fit, both in the short term and longer term. 

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Reset Your Mind and Enjoy Some Self-Care in These Paradisiacal Cities

Woman on the beach in The Maldives

Everyone needs to practice self-care from time to time, whether that means enjoying a simple massage or visiting a popular vacation city like Paris. In fact, taking a self-care vacation could be just the ticket to preparing yourself for 2022 professionally and emotionally. Know All The Things explores some of the best cities for self-care vacations now.

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Counseling Idaho Falls Meets Emotional Needs

Unmet needs drive our actions. We eat because we are hungry and drink because we are thirsty. And why do we sleep? You guessed it. Because we are tired.

Of course there can be exceptions — maybe you aren’t hungry, but want to eat anyway because something just tastes so good. But virtually everything we do is to meet some type of unmet need — even if we don’t realize it.

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