Wood Murphy Bed Options In St. George

St. George is home to beautiful red rocks, breathtaking canyons, numerous hiking trails and America’s premier manufacturer of wall beds and Murphy Beds — Wilding Wallbeds. Nestled several miles to the north of the Arizona Strip lies Wilding Wallbeds production plant, and headquarters. This is where we will produce your wood Murphy Bed St. George.

Here, in beautiful southern Utah, raw harewoods and furniture grade plywoods are turned into these magnificent space saving solutions that will work in any home. Just a few miles to the northwest is a full showroom, showcasing many popular wood Murphy Bed designs. There is a whole team of representatives that are ready to work one-on-one with you to design exactly what will fit your needs.

Why Choose A Murphy Bed?

There is just something about a wood Murphy Bed in St. George that people love. Maybe it is the nostalgia for an earlier time or allure of the unexpected. When you witness a gorgeous queen size wood Murphy Bed elegantly descend out of an artful cabinet … it can be magical!

Wilding Wallbeds is the premier purveyor of St. George wood murphy beds and every home has a room that is either used as a multi-purpose room or room needs to be a multi-purpose room.

These multi-purpose rooms can be an office, exercise room or whatever you want them to be. These are places where you need a bed, but don’t want one taking up valuable space. Wood Murphy Beds in St. George are the solution!

One of these beds from Wilding Wallbeds allows you to maintain the functionality of your room without compromising the space or comfort for your guests. Use your room everyday as you wish and when you have someone that needs a place to sleep — just pull the bed down and poof — you have a fully functioning guest room.

Some Of Your Options

Murphy Beds & Wall Beds: These are the traditional wood Murphy Bed styles that come to the mind of most people. One that comes down from a wall or cabinet. The products produced at Wilding Wallbeds use quiet, strong lift mechanisms that are smooth and easy to operate. There are four lifting mechanisms available, depending on your specific needs. These beds are built with premium plywoods and solid woods that are available in a variety of colors, finishes and styles. All of our wood Murphy Beds in St. George are hand built and customized to fit the exact needs for the customer.

Bunk beds: Our wood Murphy Bunk Beds are part of our HomeFront designs. They are stylish, fit into any decor and are sturdy enough to provide comfort for your family for a lifetime. These are the perfect feature for a kids room. The bunk beds operate with a quiet piston system, making is extremely easy to raise and lower. It’s a perfect addition to your cabin, vacation home, fire station or any other place people need to sleep.

Desk beds: Do you have some work to do? Who doesn’t? This wood Murphy Bed St. George could be the perfect choice for you. There is a desk mounted to the cabinet for you to work at during the day. Then, when it is time to get some shuteye, the desk folds up underneath the bed. This allows you to save tons of space. Here is one example to think about. Maybe you are working late and you’ll have to be back to work early the next day. Instead of driving home and sleeping for a few hours before getting up early to come back — add a desk bed to your office! You’ll be able to get some rest and then pick up right where you left off on your work without the pesky commuting. If this sounds familiar, you’ll love the Disappearing Desk Bed or the Studio Desk Bed.

Bookcase Wallbeds: Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge a bookcase by its looks either. In this case, the bookcase pivots open and you just pull your bed down. This makes a great addition to your home office or any room that a guest may be sleeping in.

Delivery And Setup

For those of you living near St. George, when you order a wood Murphy Bed, you’ll have access to the professional set up crew from Wilding Wallbeds. Have your wood Murphy Bed St. George delivered to your home direct from the factory. Go ahead, sit back and relax while this team of expert installers takes care of everything — including the clean up!

Contact Wilding Wallbeds To Learn More

Anytime you are in the St. George area, you are surrounded by some beautiful attractions that bring guests to your home. Why not spoil those guests with a wood Murphy Bed St. George? Stop by our gorgeous showroom to see these beds in person and a free quote for something that will fit your needs. We’d love to get you sleeping on one of our exquisite and convenient wall beds right away!In addition to the showroom in St. George, you can check out Wilding Wallbeds in Chino Hills, CA, El Segundo, CA and San Diego, CA. If you have questions or need assistance, call our customer service hotline. Or, you can contact us online. Check out Wilding Wallbeds on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, or Pinterest. You can also learn more by visiting our blog or checking out our YouTube channel.