Why You Want Cabinet Murphy Bed

Everyone would love to have a Murphy Bed right. So why don’t we all have them? Two reasons people may shy away from investing in a Murphy Bed are the cost and fear of installing them. Good news! With the Cabinet Murphy Bed, you have a more affordable option and you don’t even need to install it!

What Is A Cabinet Murphy Bed?

Murphy Cabinet Beds (sometimes called Chest Beds) are ideal for any room that needs more space or increased function. These are innovative beds that can fold into a stylish chest — perfect for keeping your room neat and attractive.

The top of the cabinet is always stationary. So it can be a great place for your TV, golf trophies, or anything else you might want to display. Most models also feature a large drawer that is accessible both when the bed is open and closed. The drawer is a great place to store pillows and linens when the bed is not in use. If you have guests using your Cabinet Murphy Bed, it’s a great place for their clothes or other personal items.

Cabinet Murphy Bed in closed position

No Installation Required!

The thing that makes this bed so unique is that it is freestanding. This means that it does not need to attach in any way to your wall or floor. The Murphy Cabinet Bed can sit in front of a window and works well in an area with low ceilings and it can be moved easily. It is the perfect product for anyone in a rental situation where drilling into the wall or floor is not allowed. There will be a minimal amount of assembly that is required, but when you don’t have to anchor anything to any walls it is so much easier! Your bed will be delivered with easy to follow instructions. In less than 10 steps, you’ll be ready to test out your new bed.

The Mattress

It doesn’t matter how nice your bed is if your mattress sucks. This is another reason people are loving the Cabinet Murphy Bed — the great mattress. The Cabinet Murphy Bed comes with a 6” gel-infused memory foam mattress that was designed with comfort and durability in mind. The seams in these mattresses are specially designed to mold together. So as you are laying on the mattress you can’t feel the seams at all. But it is still firm and supportive so whoever is using it will be more than comfortable. It’s also the perfect size (standard queen or about 60” wide and 80” long) for you to add a mattress topper if you choose.

Focus On Quality

There can be quite a difference in the quality of one Cabinet Murphy Bed (or any style of Murphy Bed) to another. This is maybe the most important thing to consider when you decide where to get yours. You will want to with a company that takes pride in being an industry leader in quality and durability. If you aren’t careful, you might end up going for something that is less expensive only to find out that it is a particleboard product instead of solid wood and furniture grade plywood. You are going to want a company that focuses on providing you with a product that will stand the test of time.

The Other Stuff

Here are some of the additional pieces of information about the Murphy Cabinet Beds.

  • Murphy Cabinet Beds have been tested to 600 lbs. This means two adults will be able to sleep comfortably and safely without issue.
  • The handy flip-up nightstands give your guests a convenient place to put a cell phone, glass of water, glasses, books, tablets or anything else they might want close by while in bed.
  • The built-in power outlet plugs into any wall plug and gives your guest access to two 110v outlets and two USBs outlets for charging.

Why People Love Murphy Beds

If you are still unsure about whether you would love a Cabinet Murphy Bed (or any other Murphy Bed), do a little research of the testimonials from people who have already invested in one. It won’t take long to realize why people are so happy with their decision. Here’s a quick look at the type of comments you’ll find.

  • The standard options are stylish, but the ability to create your own customized product will really do wonders for the look of your room. Choose from a large variety of colors and wood species and lots of additional options for your creation.
  • Certainly, the fact that you will save a lot of space will make you happy. With a Murphy Bed or Cabinet Murphy Bed, you will look at your available space in a whole new way. When you work with a professional Murphy Bed design team you’ll begin by determining how much space you have to work with. Then they’ll help you figure out how to make that room into a home office, storage area, or anything else you might have in mind. Many Murphy Bed styles come with storage cabinets, drawers, and more that will maximize all of the space you have to work with.
  • Dual-function beds are especially helpful. Imagine having a bed that is also a sofa. Or Murphy Bunk Beds. These are just two of the options that make the possibilities endless!
  • Murphy Beds are a solution for your family. If you’ve got kids you’ve got stuff. Probably more than you want and have room for. With the help of a Murphy Bed, you can have that playroom or home office you’ve been wanting.
  • Some people actually prefer to put the bed together. With most Murphy Beds, that is exactly what happens. For the most part, the assembly and installation of these beds are easily doable for someone with a little bit of experience working with their hands. And, as discussed above, it that isn’t for you — a Cabinet Murphy Bed requires almost no work on your end.

In Conclusion

Everyone can benefit from the addition of a Murphy Bed and the difference it can make in your living space. Just one call to a leading Murphy Bed company like Wilding Wallbeds could be exactly what you’re looking for! If you have any additional questions about Murphy Beds, Cabinet Murphy Beds, assembly or anything else — contact a Murphy Bed dealer that will be happy to help you out.