Why You Should Start Biking

Biking is a great hobby, sport and form of exercise. In today’s time it is all too common to be wrapped up in technology and not get enough time outdoors. Riding your bicycle forces you to be outside reaping those many benefits such as fresh air and sunshine just to name a few. There are many other benefits to being outdoors, let alone exercising outside. Biking itself also brings its own perks. It is fairly inexpensive, easy for those at all ages and varying health levels, fun and good for the environment. Depending on your wants and needs, there are different types of bikes for sale to suit you.

Biking Benefits

First let’s talk about the outdoor benefits you can experience for you and your overall health. It’s been said for years that fresh air is good for you, but why? Mental Floss gives us a few reasons as to why the outdoors are beneficial. A favorite reason listed is that being outdoors gives you energy. There are studies that show being outdoors for just twenty minutes is the equivalent to one cup of coffee! Instead of overloading your body with caffeine and dealing with the expected crash; get up, go outside for a bit and then you don’t have to worry about that crash later. A few other great reasons are that being outdoors is good for your vision, relieves stress and helps mitigate chronic pain. Scientists have done studies where breathing in what are called phytoncides, which are airborne chemicals naturally produced by plants, can increase your white blood cell levels. White blood cells help fight off infections and diseases. What this does is help boost your immune system helping you live a healthier life. Not to mention the free aromatherapy from being outside. The natural scents have been proven to help relax you and relieve stress. Speaking of stress, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) symptoms such as anxiety, sadness and exhaustion, can be lessened by spending time outside. Even if the weather is cold or overcast, doctors recommend spending time outdoors to reduced SAD’s severity. These few great reasons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the perks of spending time outdoors.

Biking BenefitsSo why should you choose biking for your outdoor activity? Being active is a crucial part of a healthy life. A study by YMCA has shown those with a physically active life have a 32 percent higher well being score over those who are inactive. Exercising releases adrenaline and endorphins, two amazing, natural mood-boosting chemicals. Biking, or often times called cycling, is a low impact sport that’s easy to implement into your everyday life. If your route allows you to do so, biking to work or to your errands not only gets your exercise in but helps reduce pollution from using your vehicles. Being a low impact form of exercise, it is available for a wide range of ages and health levels to participate. Cycling puts very low pressure on joints, making it easier for those with current injuries to exercise. You can ride solo or as a group! It’s a great way to lose weight, build muscle, and increase stamina and strength. Better Health lists some benefits to regular cycling such as:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Decreased stress, anxiety and depression levels
  • Improved posture and coordination
  • Decreased body fat levels

Cycling can also be as intense or as easy breezy as you would like it to be! You can pick different routes of varying intensities to either cruise along or push yourself to the limit. Also, depending on what you would like to accomplish, there are different types of bikes to fit different needs and styles.

Types of Bikes for Sale

When you think of a bicycle you may just think they all come the same, just in different sizes. Two wheels, handlebars, pedals, a seat and away you go! However, bicycles come in many styles and have different features for different needs. Bicycles Unlimited breaks bikes into three categories; city/hybrid, mountain and road bikes.

  • City/Hybrid: This type of bike is light and versatile. It’s a general-purpose bike often used for commuting because of its ability to traverse a variety of terrains and conditions. The tires are wider than road bikes but thinner than mountain bikes. This allows for you to ride on city road but also light off-road use as well, such as gravel or dirt paths. They feature high gear ratios allowing you to shift easily and change your pedaling difficulty.
  • Mountain: This type of bike is built for exactly what it’s called, mountains, or off-road riding. These bikes are built for durability and are a bit more rugged than other bikes because of the expected rough riding. The frame is quite sturdy and is equipped with more intense front-end and rear suspension over other bikes. Most come with 20 plus speeds and high gear ratios, allowing you to adjust for the different types of trails you may experience. The tires are wider and have more tread than other bikes would to accommodate for the rugged terrains.
  • Road: Road Bike For SaleThis type of bike is extremely light and made for speed. Sometimes these bikes are referred to as racing bicycles. They are meant to be ridden on paved roads and are built to be ridden frequently and for long periods of time. The tires are quite skinny to help minimize road resistance and provide more aerodynamics. A big difference from this bike to others are the handlebars. Road bicycle handlebars are dropped to allow the rider to lean forward, creating less air resistance.

Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or a seasoned rider, you need to consider what features would suit you best. Consider where you live, what trails and routes are available to you and what you would most be comfortable with. If you live in the city and plan on only using your bicycle for commuting, the city or hybrid bike would be best for you. If you plan on off-roading frequently, choose the mountain bike. Remember, mountain bikes can also be ridden on normal roads. If you plan to focus mainly on speed and exercise then perhaps the road bike would be best suited for you. Whatever you end up deciding, cycling is a great addition to your life. The health benefits alone should convince you to start cycling today. If you’re not sure where to start, or what would be best for you, seek out a professional to guide you. Bicycles Unlimited have many different bikes for sale, bike repair, service and tips to find great trails. Contact us here to get started on your biking journey.