Who Provides Fertilizing Services In Idaho Falls?

Growing up, my family had several apple trees in the backyard. They were a joy to climb, and the apples made fantastic things to throw at one another, but my entire life, we never had apples that were edible. They were all eaten by squirrels, caterpillars, or were just plain and simple, too small to be truly edible. Our trees were never fertilized, or sprayed with pesticides, as a result. They never could produce much but the apples that were rotting on the trees. Which, as a small boy, made them all the better for throwing, but now that I’ve gotten quite a bit older, actually eating the fruit instead has moved it’s way up my list. But who provides fertilizing services in Idaho Falls? And how exactly does that help the trees produce more fruit?

How Does Fertilizer Help Trees Produce More Fruit?

Everybody knows that all plants need to grow is water, dirt, and sunlight. But there’s actually a lot more going on in that soil than meets the eye. Fruit trees in particular, are extremely heavy users of what are referred to as “Macronutrients”. Macronutrients are made up of many different elements found in the soil such as nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and many more. Without these nutrients being replenished, the trees will bleed the soil dry of many of the needed nutrients, and much of the energy it receives will be put into further developing its root system in order to maintain the steady stream of needed nutrients.

Applying the right kinds of fertilizer, at the right times plays a huge role in the fruit production and vitality of your trees. Providing the trees with all the needed nutrients in the spring or the fall allows your fruit trees to pull out all the stops on its fruit production. Leaving you with a much more bountiful harvest, and stronger, healthier trees!

When Is It The Right Time To Fertilize?

Timing plays a much larger role in the fertilization process than you would expect. And when it comes to fruit trees there is a lot of conflicting information out there on when you should and shouldn’t have your fruit trees fertilized. Most claim that springtime is the only time that you should fertilize your trees and with good reason. But many have found that spring and fall for specific applications and during certain growing periods of the tree is incredibly effective as well. I’d recommend that you only fertilize your trees in the spring when they are large enough to be sturdy fruit bearing trees. This will help them not to grow as fast early in the season and dedicate most of their energy into bearing fruit. This will also reduce the risk of fireblight. However, if your trees are still in the growing phase, not yet ready to be fruit bearing trees, then fertilizing in the fall as well can be a good option to help accelerate the growth of these trees, and help them reach their full potential sooner!

How Does Fertilizer and Pesticide Work Together?

Fertilizer and pesticide actually work together quite well to protect your tree and its fruit from unwanted visitors. Many of the worst pests all target trees that are already stressed in some way, either from lack of water, or nutrients. By fertilizing your trees, you are helping keep them as healthy as possible, and protecting them from borers and other pests that target stressed trees. With the addition of pesticides, the fruit produced will be big, healthy, and untarnished!

So Who Offers These Services In Idaho Falls?

The best fertilizing company in Idaho Falls when it comes to trees, especially of the fruit bearing variety would be T and T lawn care. They’ve been in business for a long time, and they know how to care for fruit trees. They offer fertilizing services i both the spring and fall so that you can customize the treatment your trees receive, and help them become the fruit trees you’ve always wanted!