Where To Find Portable Traffic Signs

Anyone who’s done any paving contract work knows the struggle of trying to find quality custom portable traffic signs. There are plenty of shops around that will sell you the routed out metal backed permanent signs. But finding the collapsible easily stored signs is another story entirely. They require completely different tooling to make than a permanent sign. Most places simply aren’t willing to put up the cash to produce them. Then those that do make cheap flimsy garbage that seems to snap in two if you look at it the wrong way. When you find a place that produces real quality portable traffic signs, Share the news. We need to support those who know how to do it right.

Capitol Barricade

The best place in central california to find portable traffic signs is by far Capitol Barricade. Their portable traffic signs are quick and easy to set up and take down, they are incredibly lightweight, and uncompromisingly durable. They are built using a quality aluminum quick release mount at the bottom of each sign to make it fast and easy to change out the signs without busting any knuckles. Simple hardened fiberglass springs hold the reflective fabric sign taught without fail, and high quality plastic sleeves riveted over the corners of the sign make it easy to put up and take down the sign quickly with no fear of snags or tears.

They have these signs available for sale or rent, with the option to order your own custom signage as well. More information can easily be gathered on their site, or in person. Their workshop is located at 6001 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA. 


The renting process is easy, and they are quick to respond to you at almost any time. The amount of supplies they have available for renting is quite extensive. With Portable traffic lights, i-traffic control systems, crash cushions, and so much more, there’s nothing that you could need to keep your work zone safe that they don’t have for rent. Perfect for those one time odd jobs!


They also have a full selection of products that can be bought at an affordable price. The scope of products they offer for purchase is even more expansive than their renting options. They have an in house CNC router and Large format printer making it easy for them to create anything that you might need when it comes to signage. From Banners to, business signage, to traffic control they have you covered. 

Other Options

If the portable signs just aren’t going to cut it for the job you’ve got going now there are quite a few other options to keep your work zone a safe one. Setting up proper barricades and traffic cones are another good option. They can go a long way when it comes to safely directing traffic around a work zone. The barricades and cones can’t take the place of the signage. But when paired with it, it makes your work zone the safest it can possibly be.