What to Look for in the Perfect Idaho Dentist

Finding a dentist in Idaho for you can be a frustrating experience. However, if you know what to look for and have a game plan in mind, you will be able to find that perfect dentist that you will be able to call your dental home. Your relationship with your dentist is a lifelong relationship. The general recommendation is to visit your Idaho dentist every six months to ensure proper oral health. No one wants to have to continually search for that dental home. Find that dentist in Idaho that works for you and stick with them for life. 

What to Look for in a Dental Office

When you are on the search for a new dentist, it is a good idea to make a list of what you are looking for. This way in the heat of the moment you can refer to your list and make sure all of your topics are covered and your needs are met when looking into your Idaho dental office. There are three main categories you should consider when picking the right dentist for you. 

Are Your Needed Services Offered?

Above anything else, you need to make sure your Idaho dentist offers the dental services you are looking for. Nothing else about the office will matter if you aren’t getting the full range of services that your dental care requires. General dentists provide you with general cleanings, x-rays, and help with your oral and periodontal health. But everyone is different with their own dental care needs, as is every dentist. Depending on the dentist, they could have gone to school to become certified for different specialties to provide specific services. Some of these more specific services provided at Comfort Care Dental include:


When people think of botox they may chuckle and think of stiff faces. However, botox can be used to help alleviate the painful symptoms of TMJ/TMD. Botox helps stop muscle contraction and prevents nerves from releasing inflammatory molecules. What this means is it stops your muscles from contracting and causing you jaw pain. 

Emergency Care 

Having a local dental office that offers emergency dental care can be tooth-saving. Determining what is an emergency and what isn’t can help you decide if it can wait until a business day or if you need emergency dental care. Some reasons to seek emergency care if you have a loose or knocked out an adult tooth, severe non-stopping pain or bleeding, or jaw pain caused by an accident.

Cosmetic Dentistry 

teeth whitening shade scale

Oral care is not always just about health. It’s also about having a smile you want to show off. A new way to straighten your teeth is with the use of Invisalign! Invisalign are clear plastic trays that are customized for you specially. In just a few short months you can have the straight teeth you always wanted without braces. Along with having your teeth straight, you want them to be pearly white. With the use of Zoom! Whitening, in just one short visit you can have whiter teeth at least six to ten shades lighter.

Sedation Dentistry 

Many people suffer from dental anxiety. Some have such severe anxiety it causes them to avoid their dental appointments completely. Not properly caring for your oral health can lead to other health issues such as diabetes or heart problems. Comfort Care Dental offers sedation dentistry, allowing you to get the dental care you need without the anxiety.

Insurance Coverage

Just as important as the provided services, is the insurance coverage. You can quickly check if the dental office you are looking into accepts your insurance plan by calling in and asking. Comfort Care Dental accepts the following insurance carriers and more:

  • Aetna
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Humana
  • Metlife
  • United Concordia
dental insurance

If you don’t have dental insurance, Comfort Care Dental has an in-office savings plan. As a member of the In-Office Savings plan, dental exams and x-rays are all completely included as part of the membership. Regular dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and an additional 15% discount is given on most all other dental treatments when you become a member. You can purchase a single or family membership, and the membership is valid for one year from the date of service. In-Office Savings Plan cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance and is not an insurance policy.

Comfort Care Dental also accepts CareCredit. CareCredit is a credit card designated for health, dental and wellness expenses. Patients are able to charge expenses as soon as they receive approval for a CareCredit card, and depending on the financing option selected, patients can make interest free payments for a specified amount of time. If patients qualify for a no-interest plan, Comfort Care Dental pays the interest for you. We are happy to help answer your questions about how CareCredit works. If you’re ready to apply now, click here.

Location, Location, Location

Many people live hectic lives, with work, school, family and kids, appointments, etc. It can be difficult to get everything scheduled and attended to. Don’t let an inconveniently placed Idaho dentist office keep you from making an appointment. Comfort Care Dental has four locations throughout South East Idaho that are all easy to find and accessible. Make your appointment today.

Idaho dentist locations

Idaho Falls Dental

As one of the leading dentists in Idaho Falls, Comfort Care Dental serves the 158,000+ in and around the Idaho Falls area. Comfort Care Dental in Idaho Falls is conveniently located on the east side of town near Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, just off of Sunnyside Road. This is our flagship practice located at 3550 Washington Pkwy. Idaho Falls is what we call home.

Pocatello Dental

If you are in need of the best Pocatello dentist, Comfort Care Dental should be your 1st choice. Conveniently located near the Fred Meyer on Yellowstone Ave, our clinic caters to the 80,000+ residents of Pocatello and Chubbuck as well as surrounding areas. High-quality service and professional dental care is simply a phone call or quick drive away from wherever you are in Pocatello. Come see us at 485 East Alameda.

Rexburg Dental

The best dentist in Rexburg. Our Rexburg dental office serves the 50,000+ residents and students who call this area home. As the leading family and kids dentist, Comfort Care Dental uses state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to provide the best sedation dentistry in east Idaho. Comfort Care Dental in Rexburg is located at 242 E Main St. near the Paramount theater. We accept all walk-in appointments.

Twin Falls Dental

Our newest office location serves the residents who live near Twin Falls and Sun Valley their home. We often see patients from Elko and Jackpot, NV! As THE leading Twin Falls dentist, Comfort Care Dental uses state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to provide the best quality sedation dentistry in Idaho. Our dental office in Twin Falls is located on 788 Eastland Drive Suite A. We accept all walk-ins.