What is the Best SEO Marketing Plan?

Original article written by: Armaghan Arshad

When we know that 91.5% of Internet users’ requests end on a link appearing on the first page of search results, and that 61.5% of them systematically click on one of the first three links on the page of (natural) results, it’s no wonder everyone wants to be in the top of Google searches.

The traffic brought by the first position on Google is considerable, but very often the competition is tough, and it is necessary to show pragmatism to obtain and especially to keep these places. This is where SEO comes in. Finding quality SEO services are quite difficult based on what you hear, see, and read everywhere. It’s tough to know what is good or best for your website. It’s not always about the best SEO company you can find, but often, how well your SEO strategy can be executed.


Google doesn’t rank websites randomly when you make a query, but it analyzes each website to determine their relevance to the keywords you entered in the search bar. These positions are obviously not immutable, and it is the object of natural referencing, or SEO, to place you in the best results of Google.


There is no miracle tool that gets you to the front page. Natural referencing pays off when it is supported by long-term work, quality content, and a good knowledge of the methodology used by Google to reference web pages.

It is not possible (or extremely rare) to create a site and naturally rank it on Google in the first search results from the first week of indexing.

To be able to increase traffic to your website, as well as conversions, you must proceed methodically, and follow the following few tips.

Create Quality Content

The first essential element of your online SEO is your content, for Google and for users. As long as your content is relevant and your user experience is sufficiently polished to provide users with the answers they need, Google will notice the quality of your site and boost your ranking in search results. Nonetheless, there are other ways to generate fantastic Internet material.

Provide Answers To Your Users

To create relevant content, you need to be able to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What would your customers like to find on your site? What answers could they seek there? Providing content on a regular basis, by answering recurring questions that your customers might ask is a first element of response to improve your SEO with SEO services in Lahore.


It is not impossible to reach this 0 position and there are several ways to get there. First, you are in a strong spot for place 0 by shortening your URL to formulate the quickest possible response. Second, by formulating your titles in the form of a question, as users might ask it, you will also have a chance to access this position 0. However, be careful, because position 0 generally only exists for specific requests asking a specific question. So do not simplify your content as much as possible in order to be able to reach it, because sometimes a good SEO strategy will be more effective than reaching this 0 position.


Also, another SEO technique that has often proven itself is the long tail technique. This strategy is a standard site method, If the traffic attracted with the long tail will be less than with more generic keywords, you will concentrate qualified traffic on your site, Internet users who will be really interested in your offer by landing on your web pages. With this method and regular, relevant publication of content, your traffic will increase dramatically.


With nearly 60% of online traffic passing through mobile devices today, it has almost become inconceivable not to optimize your site for smartphones. Google has also decided that mobile content will take precedence over computer content for positioning in search results. Thus, if your site is not “responsive”, it does not matter whether you offer the most relevant content in your sector, you still risk being penalized.


Today, it has become essential to have an adaptive site that is perfectly searchable on the phone. Google has notably launched AMP formats, which can be very interesting for certain types of sites and tend to rank you better on the web .


The SEO is primarily the creation of content , but also a variety of techniques to be able to showcase your products on the web. To be able to obtain the best results, several strategies must be put in place on each of your publications.

First, do some keyword research . The keyword research is an essential part of SEO , to identify keywords on which it makes sense to position yourself in relation to your competitors. The content creation without keyword research prior risk that the impact of your work considerably minimized in terms of SEO . Use tools like the Google Search Console , or SEMRush to determine the keywords that should structure the content of your web pages.


Finally, a last essential SEO technique to be first on Google is ” link building ” (creation of links). The link building is having incoming links from other websites redirecting to your site. Having inbound links , or “backlinks”, means to Google that you are an interesting site because other websites recommend you through these links. However, it is not useful to have 100 links from the same website, as this will have much less impact than having 100 links from 100 different sites. So try to diversify your inbound links as much as possible.