What Else Does Comfort Care Dental Offer, Besides Dental Procedures?

The best family dentists don’t just offer dental procedures, they offer different types of surgery and other options for a better smile. These include Bone Grafting, Botox, Invisalign, and Juvéderm. Comfort Care Dental cares about your smile, we give you many different options to improve your smile that don’t just have to do with a dental procedure.

Bone Grafting 

Although Bone grafting is a procedure, it is an operation for people who need dental implants but isn’t yet ready for them, because they have had teeth pulled but not replaced. When a tooth is gone, the bone where the tooth sits will eventually sag down, thus not giving enough bone structure for dental implants. This procedure is done on the bone of the patient’s mouth, there are a few ways to go about this; placing blocks of bone where the bone is missing or using a soft mix of a bone substitute. Neither one is the better option, it depends on how much bone you have left. If there is not much bose loss, a bone block is used. A section of bone is cut out and replaced with a bigger piece of bone, thus causing growth so an implant can be put in. A soft bone mixture is used if there is deeper bone loss, family dentists place an amount of mixture in, and letting it harden and grown bone on its own. If someone has bone loss due to tooth removal, family dental in Idaho Falls urges that this be done before an implant is added to avoid further bone damage. The ability to grow bone where needed is a state of the art procedure, and Comfort Care Dental in southeast Idaho offers this. 


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Braces are often thought of as the only way to fix crooked teeth, family dentists now have access to a brand new way to straighten teeth, Invisalign. It has no wires, metal, or brackets, it’s just an aligner that goes on your teeth and will straighten them with time. This product will not cause people to give you any weird stares, they are completely clear, even up close. A 3-D scan is done to design a set of aligners that are unique to you, which are sent to Invisalign to specially manufacturer your own set of aligners. By using different tiers of aligners they will slowly straighten your teeth, just the same as braces! The nice thing about Invisalign is that they come off whenever you would like, no more having to pick food out of sharp braces! Family dentists say that you should take out your Invisalign aligners when you eat and drink, also make sure that you brush your teeth before putting them back in. You may question whether or not they actually work, thousands of people can vouch that they do. We care about your progress, so we have regular checkups every six weeks to make sure you are happy with Invisalign. Combining our expertise and your desire for straight teeth, we can make smiles and savings happen! 


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Botox can be used for many different things, Comfort Care Dental offers Botox specifically for TMJ, a.k.a. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. Many family dentists report cases of TMJ, and almost 10 million Americans are affected by TMJ. It is a pain that is in the jaw caused by dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. Symptoms of these include; pain when moving the jaw, locking or sticking of the jaw, or grinding/clicking sounds when moving the jaw. This also is the root of many headaches and migraines. If you clench your teeth or grind your jaw at night that could also lead to TMJ. Botox can help with the symptoms. The way Botox helps is that it reduces the muscle contraction in your face, it also prevents your nerves from releasing inflammatory molecules. Also eliminating unintentional jaw movements, thus reducing migraines. 


Idaho Falls dentists don’t just specialize in the age or wear our teeth take, they also have options for skin aging. At Comfort Care Dental we offer Juvéderm. With an injection of gel into affected areas, Juvéderm will work its magic to take out wrinkles. The stuff in your body that keeps you looking young is Hyaluronic acid, it keeps your skin looking young and full of volume. Juvéderm’s gel is a modified version of Hyaluronic acid, it requires no surgery just a simple injection. Although it is temporary, it is much cheaper and simpler than a full-on surgery. You may be asking why Juvéderm? It is the number 1 selling Dermal Filler and is one of the top 3 minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. Remedy on the cheeks will give you more contour for a better-looking face. Injection on the lines of your face will smooth them out making you look younger, who doesn’t want that! Perioral lines are the irregular wrinkles around your mouth, our lidocaine gel will smooth these out as well. This process is very quick, so stop in today at one of our family dentist locations and see how we can make you look younger!

All of us at Comfort Care Dental strive to be the best place in Southeast Idaho to receive dental needs. We also strive to fulfill other needs, such as operations to allow you to get a better-looking smile, give you a cheaper alternative to braces for a better smile. Likewise, we want to help relieve the pain of TMJ and TMD, as well as to give you a younger look. We hope that you seek us out for your family dental needs in Idaho Falls.