What Colors Should You Use On Your Website?

We all know what graphic design is, if you don’t, go look it up. When we are designing a website, we need to determine what we want the customer to feel when they visit our website. And a big factor of that is the use of color. Colors can evoke so many emotions in people it’s crazy. Why do you think almost all fast food restaurants have red and yellow colors in their logo and on their website? Red will cause you to feel hungry and heighten your sense of stimulation, while yellow makes you feel happy.

Some great examples of website design that use color to evoke emotions in people are created by Flitch Creative. A great example of a site they designed is Zion Health. When we think of healthcare we often think of stress and uncertainty. Well, they kept this in mind and used a lot of blue and white on their site. Blue makes people feel calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Thus giving people who visit their site a feeling of security, not uncertainty.

Assuming you aren’t in healthcare, what colors should you use on your website?

Black: The color black can be very tricky to use on your website. It can either make people feel bold and powerful, or unhappy and “shady.” Although using it correctly can definitely make your site stand out and set you on top for your business niche. 

White: Using the color white on your website represents purity and cleanliness. If your business niche is something people may have negative associations with, using white can give people a sense of trust in you.

Red: We talked about red a little bit above, but this color can also make you feel love and passion. If your business is say, and ice cream parlor, using a lot of red can make people “fall in love” with ice cream even more than they already are. 

Blue: We also talked about blue a little bit, although blue does have some negative connotations towards it, such as sadness. Although this can be useful, evoking emotion in people can urge them to take action. No matter the emotion. 

Green: We all associate green with nature. Although it can make you feel safe and lucky. Use that to your advantage, and you can set yourself apart from your competitors. 

Yellow: This color can make anyone feel warmth and comfort. Let’s say you sell blankets or winter clothing, you can give your site visitors a feeling of coziness. 

Purple: Purple can make you feel wealthy and imaginative. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a bank that uses purple as its main color. Although it would be a great idea.

Brown: This color can make you feel strong and isolated. That can either be good, or bad, depending on your business. You can make people feel strong and independent, or just alone and isolated. 

Orange: This color can make you feel energized and enthusiastic. If you are moving people to take an action such as supporting a team or donating, this would be a smart color to use. 

Pink: Lastly, pink. Nurturing and kindness are the emotions associated with pink. If your business has anything to do with babies, this will be your color. 

There ya have it, most, if not all of the colors and the emotions they make people feel. If you use these correctly, you can encourage people to do what you want them to do. 

Of course, if you don’t want to do it, you can leave it to Flitch Creative