Water Sports to Try at New Melones Lake Marina

In the world of water sports, there is a myriad of types of sports. From surfing to kayaking and everything in between, there is surely a water sport you could enjoy. Finding a water sport for you depends on your skill level along with your fitness ability. At New Melones Lake Marina, you can try your hand at one or more different water sporting activities. Some of the most common water sports include:

  • Boating
  • Paddling
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • And More!

With the use of New Melones Lake Marina water toy rentals, you can be cruising with a big smile on the lake in no time.


girl on wakeboard

A wakeboard is a shortboard a rider will stand on and attach themselves to with foot bindings. The wakeboard is then pulled behind a boat creating “wakes” the rider can cruise on. With practice, a rider can get good enough to even perform tricks! Wakeboarding was originally invented for surfers that wanted to ride even when no waves were present. It is recommended to wear a life vest when wakeboarding to ensure your safety if you happen to crash. Which, unless you are a skilled boarder, you will most likely crash. Oftentimes people will also wear a helmet to protect their heads while riding. Another version of wakeboarding is using a wake surfboard. This board is essentially the same as a wakeboard, just without the bindings or a rope to be held onto. This version of the sport is for more advanced riders.


Waterskiing can be a more challenging water sport. It takes upper body strength and good balance to be able to accomplish a successful ride. The rider will have two skis and needs to be pulled behind a boat. This water sport requires a sufficient stretch of smooth water. You’ll want to be sure you visit an adequately large enough body of water, such as New Melones Lake Marina, to be able to fully enjoy this water sport. As is with other water sports, it is highly recommended to wear a life vest and even a helmet to ensure safety when riding.


When it comes to rowing, you can either do this water sport professionally or leisurely. Depending on your preference, there are different watercraft you can use for your rowing purposes. As professionals, a team of rowers will be in a boat called a racing shell and they will race against other teams to a finish line. This water sport is an amazing workout because it uses all areas of your body to maximize your rowing efforts. On the other hand, you can rent a kayak and leisurely row across the New Melones Lake Marina. Kayaks can fit one to two people and oars are used to row. 

Jet Skiis

family on jet ski

Of all the water sports, jet skiing is probably one of the easiest to pick up. It is also one of the fastest. With jet skis, you as the driver are able to dictate the speed and direction you go in with ease and accuracy. All fitness levels can enjoy this water activity but know that it does take balance to stay on the craft. Depending on the watercraft, you can fit one to three people both comfortably, and legally. As always, a life vest is recommended for any water sport to ensure the safety of all participants. 

About Personal Watercrafts

One of the best things about watersports is being able to buy the newest and greatest toys on the market. Below we have listed a few new jet skis as of 2019 and some of their features.

Most Affordable

The 2019 Sea-Doo Spark 2up is the most affordable watercraft on the market at a price of $5,399. With a top speed of 41 mph, this watercraft can sit up to two people. It is a very light and easy to handle model with scratch and impact-resistant lightweight Polytec hull material. You can even add the new BRP audio-portable system. For those that are looking to ride more for pleasure, this model would fit you well.

Most Luxurious

The Kawasaki Ultra 310LX is one of the top of the line, luxury models you will find on the market today. With 310HP you’ll be hitting over 65 mph easy peasy. This 3 seater watercraft has heat resistant seating for the most comfortable ride. With 5 positions for your handlebars, you’ll be able to adjust and ride with ease. It also has a sound system and GPS for your navigating use.

Most Accessories

The Yamaha VX Limited can fit up to 3 passengers with plenty of storage, 24.6 gallons to be exact. This watercraft comes with every accessory you could imagine. With a glove box that also has 2 cupholders, you can enjoy your drink while cruising. Along with the watercraft purchase, you’ll receive a color matching tube, tube inflator (12V outlet), tow rope, matching cover with glove box access, tube holder, tow rope bag and fenders. For the ultimate day on the water, this is the model for you.

Boat Rentals

You don’t have to miss out on a great day on the lake if you don’t own a boat yourself. New Melones Lake Marina offers many different rentals for you to use and enjoy. All rentals can be rented on an hourly or daily basis. Make sure to call ahead and reserve your desired rental to ensure you are guaranteed the rental you want. 

Boat Rentals

speedboat with surfer

New Melones Lake Marina has many different options when it comes to our boat rentals. No matter what you seek, we offer the boat for you. If you are planning on fishing, our 14’ fishing boat is the boat you need. Don’t forget to snag any fishing gear you may need from our convenience store. For a more relaxed cruise, check out our Patio Boats. They come equipped with a BBQ propane grill so you can grill up some delicious food while kicking back on the boat. We also offer larger deluxe cruisers that allow for all your friends and family to tag along and enjoy a day on the lake. On the opposite side of things, we also have sport boat rentals for those adrenaline seekers. These high-speed boats will have you smiling with your hair in the wind in no time.

Houseboat Rentals

If you are able to enjoy spending the night at New Melones Lake Marina, we have several houseboat rentals for you to choose from. Renting a houseboat will give you the option to not only spend time on the lake but to have a place for you to sleep as well. All houseboats come equipped with a kitchen that includes a fridge, oven, and stove, plus a bathroom and sleeping quarters. Don’t forget to bring your grillable foods to grill on the BBQ propane grill provided. Depending on the houseboat you choose, they can sleep anywhere from 8-16 people. Renting a houseboat is the way to go for your extended stay at New Melones Lake Marina.