Traffic Control Plans For Events In Sacramento

Traffic control plans are a large part of planning an event in Sacramento. Whether you’re planning a parade, farmers market, or block party, you’ll need to make the appropriate plans. Applying for an event permit is a huge part. Unfortunately it’s not as user friendly as we’d hope it would be. So we’ll give you the rundown of what to do to ensure you get that event off the ground without too much turbulence. 

General Guidelines

Whatever the event is you’re planning there are a couple guidelines that are incredibly important in preparing to apply for your event permit.

  • Get the application in early
  • Locate all the appropriate signage for your road closure
  • Depending on the event being held, look at getting appropriate event insurance

First off, Give yourself some wiggle room. Our government moves at the pace it likes, and there’s not really much we can do to change that. Regardless of the minimum submission time for the type of permit needed for your event be sure to give yourself an extra couple weeks at the least to give your application time to make it through the system.

Second, Gather all the needed signage for your event. Getting this organized before you put in the application significantly increases your chances of approval. Many sign rental companies will help you work through the planning and application process to make your application as bulletproof as possible. They can be an invaluable resource. We’d recommend checking out Capitol Barricade for your local sacramento Traffic Control plan assistance.

Lastly, Look at finding appropriate Event Insurance if your event requires it. Allstate has a useful article focused on the nuances of event insurance.

Traffic Control Plans For Block Parties

Traffic Control Plans Sign and Barricade

Neighborhood block parties have their own specific permit applications in Sacramento. According to the City of Sacramento You need to submit a neighborhood block party permit application to the permitting office location at 4623 T Street at least 15 days before the actual event. All neighborhood block party permits require a $25 non refundable fee upon submission of the application. You’d apply for this permit to close a road for a block party if the road being closed meets the following qualifications:

  • The street is a cul-de-sac, dead end or circular street;
  • The section being closed is less than a mile in length and is intersected by two other residential streets

However if the street is, or the closure of the street results in any of the following you will need to fill out the special event permit application instead of the Neighborhood Block party application.

  • A street where the speed limit on street is greater than 25mph;
  • The street is an arterial street with more than two lanes;
  • The street has a bus stop;
  • Closes a major Street;
  • Impacts City Services, Churches, or Schools;
  • Or if the event is open to the general public

You can find the Neighborhood Block Party Permit Application here.

Special Event Traffic Control Plans

Car Show Cherry Red Chevy Bel-Air

If your event didn’t fall into the block party application requirements, you will have to fill out the Special event permit application instead. According to the City of Sacramento you need to submit a Special event permit applications to the permitting office location at 4623 T Street at least 60 days before the actual event. There is no fee upon submission of the application. Instead a representative will review the application and set all additional requirements and fees necessary to approve your specific application. You receive the licence upon completion of all requirements and payment of all fees.

A special event is an activity taking place on all or any portion of a public street, sidewalk or alley by an organized assembly of more than 50 people, or if your park activity meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • Anticipated attendance is 200 or greater;
  • Event is open to the public;
  • Alcohol consumption/sales;
  • Amplified sound (excluding announcements and boom boxes).

As long as any of this matches your event, then this is the application that you need to fill out to close the road for your event.

Closing Up

This list isn’t a comprehensive list of the traffic control plan requirements set by the city of Sacramento, but as long as you follow these guidelines, you’ll find your application process is a breeze and you’ll be on your way to getting the party on in no time!