Tips to Prevent Car Rental Scams

Original article written by: Munim Hamid

The holidays are coming, and more and more people are using car rental as a means of getting around in the summer months. As a result of the increase in these rents, offers and promotions have generated, mainly on the Internet. For this reason, we have given tips because, in these cases, it is better to prevent than to cure and avoid having inconveniences or being victims of abuse or misunderstandings.

• Compare prices. Before starting, it is convenient to be clear about what type of vehicle we need, and based on this, compare the different offers.

• Read the fine print of the contract thoroughly and find out everything that is included or not in the rental price: type of insurance, fees, taxes, fuel …

• Sure. Pay attention to the insurance that include the rental car. Normally they are usually insurance for third parties or all-risk insurance with excess, which implies that in case of causing any damage to the vehicle itself we will have to bear all or part of the costs, so if we take out insurance with excess, It is recommended that it does not exceed 300 dollars, and avoid renting a vehicle only with insurance to third parties. Regarding full-risk insurance, pay attention to the conditions, as they usually include clauses that limit the use of the vehicle, such as driving on dirt roads, using the wrong fuel, or the loss of vehicle keys. That is, despite being fully comprehensive insurance, not everything is included, so it is recommended to read the contract.

• Minimum age of the driver. If you rent a car in Lahore, most companies establish a minimum age of the driver, and sometimes a certain age of the driving license to rent some type of vehicle. It is important to find out in this regard, as well as if the vehicle is going to be driven by more than one person, the company usually charges a surcharge for this concept.

• Guarantee or deposit. Usually, the companies request a bond or deposit that is refunded at the time of the return of the vehicle, in the same way, they usually ask for the credit card details as a guarantee in case the car is returned in poor condition or not delivered. Keep in mind that most companies don’t accept debit cards as collateral.

• Fuel. Check the level of the fuel tank and the return conditions. In general, the contract usually specifies an exact amount of fuel with which the vehicle must be returned.

• Change island. In the Islands, it is normal to find companies that impose clauses that prevent removing the car from the island where the rental has been made, so it is recommended to read the contract carefully.

• Travel to another country. They usually have a list with the countries to which you can go according to the type of car that we have rented, for this concept, companies usually charge supplements.

• Return of the vehicle. When we return the vehicle, it is important to inspect it well together with the person from the company to whom the keys are delivered, both inside and out, and take note of any damage that may occur.

Present the vehicle if so, or in the event that there is no damage, signed by the person in charge of the company that receives the vehicle. If there is no one from the company, it is recommended to take photos from different angles of the vehicle in the parking area of the rental company and send them by email to the company. If at the time the vehicle is handed over to us, the existence of any damage is found, it is important to state it in writing in the lease, to avoid claiming possible damages that already existed.