The World Of Tumblr

The world of social media blooms and blossoms. It’s always changing and evolving to new and bright things. Social media has developed into apps, websites, and social platforms like Tumblr. And it’s more useful in our daily lives than a lot of people realize. We depend on a lot of social platforms for various reasons.

This is how we stayed connected with friends and family and the rest of the world. While that may be daunting, for a lot of people that’s their only way to stay connected to other people. Social media not only helps us stay connected but it can help us with the simplest things. Things like buying a new furniture set, or a cute outfit or even give us inspiration on a remodel design in our houses. The best part of the social media construct is that it can benefit you in ways you probably haven’t even thought of. One thing that’s very useful in social media is the inspiration it can provide. Especially for remodeling or redecorating your home. You’ll see other people’s ideas and the latest trends and that can inspire you with your own planning.

The Next Great Idea

There are a lot of great ideas that have taken place and blossomed into great things. One of those great ideas was the social media platform known as Tumblr.

Tumblr is a social media platform that consists of blog posts and photos of a variety of content. It is a widely popular social platform that millions use every day. Tumblr could be useful to you for a lot of reasons, depending on what you’re looking to get out of it. For example, inspiration, scrapbooking, communication or a portfolio. Tumblr is a mix of bloggers, different brands and tastemakers. So essentially people who create the content and the ones who look for the content.

Now if you’re taking Tumblr seriously and want to start browsing or creating content, the registration is simple. You’ll need an email address, password, and username. However, there are a lot of people in the world using Tumblr and the chances are you’ll need a few good backup username ideas in case yours has been taken. With Tumblr, you can change your URL at any time, but remember that it may affect your SEO (search engine optimization). Finally, to complete your profile, upload a good picture of either yourself or just a cool picture you like to really give your profile the full effect.

More About Tumblr

Tumblr launched in 2007 by internet entrepreneur David Karp and lead designer Marco Arment. In only two weeks, 75,000 people had jumped on to Tumblr to enjoy a site that’s not much different than it is today. In 2009, the company bought a third-party app Tumblrette, which made it easier to use on iPhones. It’s available as an app on all major smartphones today.

Now, Tumblr like any social platform can consist of ideas and inspiration galore. The right inspiration for the right project is more than ideal. For example, Tumblr bedroom decorating ideas. You live consistently in your bedroom. There’s more than just sleep and play. It’s where you relax, enjoy a good book, study or even have a guest over. How your room looks to you or how you want it to look is important. Making sure it has the look you’re going for is just as important but also exciting and fun. Redecorating your bedroom to your design is exciting. Even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with it can still be an adventure on its own no matter the size. Here are a few different bedroom ideas Tumblr to give your room the look you want.

Bedroom Ideas Tumblr

  • Simple and sweet — If your room is smaller in size and you’re looking for a way to decorate it without making it feel cluttered and boxed in, the right color on your walls may be the perfect thing for you. This may sound strange but it’s true. The color white is an expansive and practical choice for a smaller sized bedroom that can make the room feel and look a lot bigger. But if you want a more exciting scene than white but still want it on the lighter side, pastel colors or any lighter shade of color can brighten up the room and combat the absence of large wall space. If you don’t want the white to feel a little void of personality, you can always do a layer of whites all around the room and to give it a bit more drama with the different textures.
  • The bed to the room — The one big piece that takes up the space of a room is, of course, the bed. Typically, you see the bed centered in the room, in smaller rooms it may be wiser to tuck it in a corner or against a wall. This can give the room a more maximizing feel but has a snug and cozy effect. You can even add a headboard, and some shelves to give it that desired finish.
  • The minimalist way — Now who says that you have to have big and fancy things to make your room a magical place. Staying simple or rather minimalist can give your room a more sentimental vibe. Pairing your room with only your favorite essentials can give it a more home-friendly but comforting feel. And it helps the room feel larger in size. You can use built-in storage space and add accent mirrors to give it a sleek but modern look.
  • The Art of life — If you’re one who likes the vibrance and colors and all things exotic, decorating your room with vibrant wallpapers or colors paired with your favorite art pieces and posters can give your room just the excitement you’re looking for. Your room is your sacred place. Giving that pop of color and decor will bring it alive and make it feel like an adventure every day.

To finish, there are many different ways to decorate your bedroom. Whether you use an internet search or Tumblr for inspiration or think of the ideas yourself. Your room is your element and anything you do will make it feel like home. Whether its house plants, abstract paintings, or well-placed pictures and mirrors, your room is your space. Decorating it is always a fun adventure. But if you’re looking for some needed inspiration for your bedroom ideas, Tumblr may just be the place for you.