The Mini Excavator

Also referred to as “compact excavators”, mini excavators are essentially machines designed to fulfill all of the requirements of the standard excavator, while also being more compact, accessible, and able to work in a wider variety of locations.

Mini excavators are being required more and more for their ability to work on many different terrains, around tight ends and up steep slopes, while also bringing plenty of power to the job. They also come with a wide variety of attachments, allowing technicians to perform many different tasks with one versatile machine.

Mini excavators are comprised of the following parts:

  • Cab – This is the area where the driver sits and controls the machine. As mini excavators are all about maximizing space potential and ease of movement, most mini excavators come with cabs that can rotate an entire 360 degrees.
  • Undercarriage – This is the part of the machine that houses the motor and gears. It also contains the roller track, which is used to move the mini excavator along the ground.
  • House – The house holds the excavator engine and fuel cylinders, and connects to the undercarriage.
  • Boom Arm – This is the part that is used to dig, demolish, and move material from one place to another. It is also capable of holding many different attachments.
  • Stick – This is an extendable piece used to connect the undercarriage with the boom arm.
  • Engine – This is the part that powers the entire machine.

Projects That Can Be Completed With a Mini Excavator

From large to small scale projects in almost any given public, commercial, or residential space, mini excavators are ideal for many different endeavors. Looking to demolish a tool shed or structure of similar size? How about digging trenches through a field for irrigation purposes? These machines are your best option.

Mini excavators will allow you to:

  • Dig through or move piles of garbage and debris
  • Plow snow
  • Dig holes for later bush or tree planting
  • Dig holes for fire pits, pools, and trampolines
  • Tear up and remove rogue trees, bushes, and other unwanted plantlife
  • Dirt grade
  • Landscape
  • Complete tasks in work zones and roadside construction projects of all kinds

Who Can Rent a Mini Excavator?

While these machines are made to be safe and accessible, they’re still machines, and if used incorrectly, are capable of a lot of damage to people and property. This is why mini excavators aren’t rented out to just anyone. You have to be able to provide the required credentials. Generally speaking, landscaping and construction companies have these credentials and are usually the people who rent mini excavators.

However, there are ways in which you can complete the required training if you simply need a mini excavator for personal use on, say, a new home or yard construction project of your own.

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