The Importance of Family Photography

Living the family life can be a busy lifestyle at times. With work, school, activities, errands and trying to get a healthy meal into your families stomachs it can get pretty hectic. Probably the last thing on your mind is getting everyone gathered for a family portrait. And no, not a quick snap at the family picnic; a professional, we’re matching our clothes, kind of picture. We all have our excuses as to why we don’t get family pictures taken. If you think about it, wrangling the family together one day out of the year is worth the lifelong benefits of getting your family portrait taken.

Benefits of Family Portraits

Family is such an important part of life. When you get married to someone you love and decide to start a family with them it becomes your main focus. One benefit of taking family photos is documenting the change within your family. A good suggestion is to take a yearly photo. A lot can change in your family dynamic within a single year and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to capture these moments. People can get married, have babies or some may pass away. Some families have new photos taken to also document said milestones. Having family photos to look back on and remember the time you had together is a precious thing to have.


Another benefit of family photography is they make great artwork for your home! What better to fill your home with than the faces of your loved ones? You can have prints made in all sizes to be able to hang in your main room, place on your desk or have on your bedside table. Family photos are also great for gifts, especially for grandparents. A common tradition is to take Christmas family photos and have them sent as Christmas cards to your friends and family.

Family Photography

Speaking of traditions, taking family photos year after year can become a great family tradition that can be carried on through the generations. Having family traditions helps bring the family closer and is a great way to make memories. You could easily have a family reunion and couple it with a family photo session. When capturing your family, you want to use something more than your cell phone. Also, more often than not, when using a cell phone the individual taking the picture is left out of the photo. By using a professional photographer, you can be sure to capture the best of your family. A professional knows what angles, placement, time of day and locations that would make for a great picture.

Excuses Debunked

When considering getting your family portrait taken by a professional you may make some excuses as to why you can’t. You may think to yourself that your family is too crazy or that your kids can’t hold still for that long. However, you need to think of how special and unique your family is. Being able to capture that in a photo is priceless. When it comes to younger children they can be a bit unpredictable. You want to try your best to schedule your session after they’ve been able to eat and outside of nap time! Also, remember that you don’t have to hold still for the entire session. You will be able to get up, shake the wiggles out and move around before capturing that perfect photo.

Another common excuse is not knowing what to wear. Don’t be pressured by picture perfect Pinterest. No one said you have to all have exact matching or brand-new outfits. When considering what to wear go with coordinating colors. Pick two or three complementing colors, you can use varying shades as well, and then sort through closets to see what everyone has available. Also, pick something that’s natural and comfortable for your family to wear. You want your photos to capture the truth of your family, not something stiff and uncomfortable. Remember to consider your background as well! You don’t want to clash or blend in. If you’re stumped you can always ask your photographer for some tips.

At the end of the day what matters most is your loved ones. Time goes by much faster than you would ever think, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture these snippets in time of your family. Family photography is important and shouldn’t be forgotten. Contact us here to have us help you make those memories.