The Best Way for a Business To Source Paper

From corner cafes to large corporations, many businesses depend on paper products every day. Most of these supplies must have dimensions suitable for applications such as copying and printing and must be made out of the right materials. Whether an enterprise requires multi-purpose copy paper, paper rolls for printing receipts or rolls of butcher paper, you should be able to find all these products and more at an all-in-one paper supplier. Here are a few tips to help any business source paper products more affordably and reliably.

Determine Your Paper Needs

The Best Way for a Business To Source Paper

Some businesses use large quantities of a single paper product while others require a variety of paper products. Letter-size copy paper that measures 8 ½ inches wide by 11 inches long is one of the most standard office supplies. Paper that is intended for use in copying or printing should have a consistent level of brightness. Print may be easier to read on paper with 92 brightness. Small business owners and office managers can order multi-use paper by the 500-sheet ream or in cases of 10 reams to source the right amount of paper for any enterprise.

It may also be necessary to obtain other types of paper. A paper supplier can also provide rolls of white premium bond butcher paper or one-ply, multi-ply or thermal paper rolls for use in receipt printers. When purchasing paper rolls, it is important to factor in the composition and width of the paper as well as the length of each roll.

Compare Supplier Inventories

One or more types of specialized paper products may be necessary to replenish printers connected to cash registers, credit card machines or other point of sale systems. Basic customer receipt printers use one-ply paper rolls, which are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths and colors. Carbonless paper that is either two-ply or three-ply makes it easier to create exact copies of transaction records. Systems that rely on a thermal printer call for the use of specialized thermal paper rolls, which may be available in standard and BPA-free versions.

Before sourcing paper for printing receipts from a paper supplier, it is advisable to measure the width of a current paper roll. It is also a good idea to determine which roll lengths fit the dimensions of a printer and allow for the most efficient usage without constant interruptions to switch out rolls. Ordering paper rolls for printing receipts and other paper products only becomes more complicated when multiple suppliers are involved. Establishing a business account with a trusted supplier may be easier to keep track of and more cost-effective in the long run. The best source will offer a full array of high-quality business supplies at competitive prices.

Find a Paper Supplier

Regardless of the quantities of paper products a business needs, it can be beneficial to order supplies from a source located in the same area. Sourcing paper locally may allow for a shorter delivery time frame. Ordering supplies from the same source can also make it easier to reach the minimum order amount necessary for free in-area delivery.

When choosing a distributor, make sure the company has a good reputation for checking orders for accuracy and delivering items on time. Developing a working relationship with an experienced account representative can be helpful when it comes to identifying errors and issuing reorder reminders in a timely manner. Ordering in quantity may enable a business to get the best deals on paper products while making sure that an operation always has necessary paper products on hand.

A paper supplier that offers a full selection of consumables can provide copy paper and receipt paper rolls in addition to paper products for restocking a break room, workplace kitchen or janitorial supplies. A business may be able to obtain discounts on large quantities of paper products by arranging for on-board delivery or pickup.

Start a Business Account

Any operation that regularly uses paper products should start an account with a regional supplier. A long-standing relationship with a reliable source for paper and other office supplies can protect against unexpected price increases. Other benefits of a business account may include flexible payment terms and methods.

The Best Way for a Business To Source Paper

Ordering all products from one paper supplier can simplify the process of restocking paper. Placing a single online order or ordering by phone, email or fax can ensure that a business receives the right amounts of supplies of a reliable quality. An account representative should regularly communicate with repeat customers to ensure that businesses have all of the supplies necessary for operation.

Whether supply issues arise further up the chain or due to ordering errors, an attentive representative can help a business maintain an adequate supply of paper. Businesses that always order from the same supplier may make it easier for representatives to ensure that orders are accurate and complete. The company may also offer timely reorder reminders to prevent stock from becoming depleted.

Calculate Rates of Use

The Best Way for a Business To Source Paper

Businesses may be able to make ordering from a paper supplier even more affordable by calculating usage rates. Determining the rate of use for each paper product can help to determine the right quantities of supplies to reorder. Depending on the paper product, it may be necessary to keep track of how long it takes to go through a ream of copy paper or paper rolls of various lengths. A small business owner or office manager can factor in the rate of use and amount of available storage space to determine the most cost-effective and practical way to replenish supplies of paper products.

Purchasing paper from a local supplier can make it easier to arrange for accurate orders of supplies to arrive on time. It may be possible to save money on overhead costs by ordering larger cases of paper products a business uses most. In general, the cost of each individual ream or roll will go down as the quantity of reams or rolls in a case goes up. The ability to place orders online or via phone, fax or email can make it easier for an enterprise to maintain a stock of paper products.

In addition to comparing product price and quality, it is advisable to look for a dependable paper supplier with the right experience and right materials for your business. When choosing a supply company, great customer service can make all the difference. In addition to a comprehensive warehouse of quality paper products, make sure to find a supplier with client-friendly policies that makes transactions easy, affordable and custom-tailored to your operational needs.