The Best Shutters For Your Home

When thinking of your home’s windows, choosing the correct shutters probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, even though it could be a decision that you will continue to benefit from long after you have them installed. Many people don’t realize just how much money they are spending in air conditioning and heating due to sub-par window treatments, or how easily and affordably this problem could be resolved. Window shutters are a home investment that, if chosen and installed correctly, will pay itself off in time due to mitigating energy from being brought in and expelled from the home.

Choosing the right shutters can seem like a daunting task, but in fact, it can be easy and rewarding.

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Correct Window Treatments That Are Aesthetically Pleasing, Practical, And Affordable

Choosing the correct shutters for your lifestyle includes finding the right material for your needs. The three main shutter types are:

  • Louvred
  • Wooden
  • Solid

All three styles will keep out heat and give your home protection from harsh sunlight that may cause UV damage to paint and furniture around the home. With an endless possibility of materials and colors, you are bound to find something that works perfectly for your household and your budget.

Louvred shutters are a great option if you are wanting to mitigate the harsh rays from peering into your windows without removing all of the natural light and airflow. Whether you are wanting fixed or movable shutters, either will provide you with a lightweight option for protection.

If you are wanting a little bit more protection, consider wooden shutters. Wood shutters were originally designed to keep out the cool wind in the winter are harsh sun rays in the summer. Wood is a poor heat conductor which makes it great for insulation. One good thing about wood shutters is they are completely customizable for any window type, allowing you more flexibility for covering those oddly shaped windows around your house.

For maximum protection and savings throughout the year, you would want to go with solid shutters. These are used to both reduce heat gain during the summer, and heat loss during the winter. These shutters are insulating, and are comprised of wood panels, and a vapor barrier. These should be fitted snugly against a window frame so as to create an insulating air space between the window and the shutter to maximize their energy saving potential.

Out of any type of shutter that you chose, its important they are fitted properly to your window to maximize their energy saving ability. Poorly fitted shutters will allow sunlight to seep in through the cracks, thus allowing for heat and UV light to creep in where it is not wanted.

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