The Best of Rigby Dental Services

Throughout our lives, we try to maintain a good matter of health and keep everything in working order. When people think about what it means to be in good standing health, usually they might consider how their blood pressure is, or if they’re eating a good healthy diet. Those are about your health, and yes it’s good to keep those in mind but good health is more than that. Good health also means good oral health. Not just your pearly whites but everything that goes on inside your mouth. Oral health is just as important as anything else concerning your health and wellbeing.

So if maintaining good oral health is a big priority, you want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best care. Depending on your given location, you’ll have a variety of options at your disposal and looking at all your options and fits for you is going to be the best option. Lucky for you, today we have the best of Rigby dental options and while the competition is high, Cedar Creek Dental is one of the best oral health centers out there to help all your dental health needs.

Who is Cedar Creek Dental?

Rigby Dental

When it comes to your oral health you want to have the best options because good care means even better results. While there are a lot of great oral health options when searching for Rigby dental care, a company that can give you not only good results but a great experience is Cedar Creek Dental. 

Now, you may be wondering what makes Cedar Creek Dental so special and why we have deemed them the best. Cedar Creek Dental has been around in the field of dentistry since 2005, so it’s a given that they not only have the experience provided but they have seen different teeth in all sorts of conditions so they know what to be prepared for. This Rigby dental company knows that a lot of people can be wary of going to the dentist, not because they don’t want to have good oral health, but simply because of nerves which is completely understandable. They want to make your experience with them as comfortable and friendly as they can. That’s why they offer an array of options to help calm your nerves and settle in. These free and relaxing spa amenities can include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Warming Blankets
  • Chair Massage
  • Warm Hand-Wax
  • Conscious Sedation

Having these options available for their customers means giving them not only a good experience but an experience that feels relaxed and comfortable.

What services do they provide?

Rigby Dental

Cedar Creek Dental strives to provide great service and care, so offering the best services to fit your needs is a top priority. Here are a few of the services this Rigby dental company has to offer.

  • Dental Exams, Digital X-Rays, and Cleanings –  Let’s face it. While we all give it our best, so many people don’t clean their teeth well enough. That’s why it’s so important to go in for checkups and cleanings. Rigby dental services will reveal dental problems that are developing, and help keep your teeth clean. 
  • Cerec Same-Day Crowns – One of the greatest things about Cedar Creek Dental is their same-day service. You can come in for a dental crown and leave the very same day with it. Unlike some dental clinics, they provide you with a crown that is guaranteed to last.
  • Dental Implants – Dental implants are used with the issue of missing teeth, whether it be caused by decay or trauma. Cedar Creek Dental offers this service as a way to help your teeth. Some visits for dental implants can be completed in just one visit but some may take longer. 
  • Root Canal Therapy – Root Canal service can be terrifying and for a reason, but with the proper care its just a simple procedure. For those that don’t know about root canal therapy, When plaque has created an infected pocket of pus at or near the tooth nerve, a root canal is definitely required. It’s definitely not fun, but in this day and age, a root canal can be done swift and fairly easy, and it will help eliminate your pain.
  • Periodontal Disease Treatment – Periodontal disease is a problem caused by plaque. It occurs when plaque makes its way into and just below the gumline. This is why it’s so important to massage the gumline as you brush, clearing plaque from the gumline. This Rigby dental treatment includes periodontal treatment. Cedar Creek Dental can help slow down, reverse, and treat periodontal disease.

Cedar Creek Dental offers many more dental services and wants to provide you with the best care possible.

What makes Cedar Creek Dental different?

Rigby Dental

Cedar Creek Dental strives to offer great care and an amazing experience at their Rigby dental office. They realize each and every one of their customers is different and so are their situations and they want to make sure that they can provide you with dental help no matter the situation. 

Dr. Mikesell is the mind behind the operation. He established Cedar Creek Dental after he graduated from The University of Louisville School of Dentistry. He was born and raised in Idaho, so who better to trust than a fellow Idahoan? As a doctor, he is caring, sympathetic, generous and thoughtful. He wants to provide his patients with the best care and comfort to satisfy all their dental health needs. Not only is he a passionate and caring doctor but he also is fluent in Spanish to help understand and communicate with the community, without any language barriers. With a close 10% of our state having Spanish-speaking families, it’s important that dental health is provided to anyone and everyone, no matter the language barrier, and Dr. Mikesell sees and recognizes that.

Cedar Creek Dental is a place that offers only the greatest care and service. Your dental health is important and going to a place that cares about your health and well-being is just as important. That’s why this Rigby dental office is one of the best places you can go to to help you with all your dental health needs. Finding a good dental office can be difficult and it can be even more difficult to find a place that strives to make you comfortable and happy. Save yourself the stress of the search and go to a place that cares and strives for your happiness like Cedar Creek Dental does.