Window Coverings for All Designs, Layouts, and Purposes

When it comes to interior design, few things are as important as the windows in our home. It’s not just about allowing us to see outside and letting the sunlight in. The placement of our windows has a major effect on how we organize the furniture in our rooms. While most people only understand this implicitly, almost all of use place our furniture based on where the windows are located. They serve as the ultimate focal point by which everything is arranged. Continue reading “Window Coverings for All Designs, Layouts, and Purposes”

How Window Coverings Can Pay For Themselves

It might seem strange or even impossible, but the right window coverings can actually pay for themselves. The reason for this is that window coverings, if chosen and installed correctly, can save you energy by keeping your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Every year, people spend far more money in HVAC utilities than they have to for a variety of reasons. A lot of it comes down to poor insulation.

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How To Save Energy – Window Coverings

Sound silly? Here’s why window coverings are about more than just interior design.

The right color window coverings, installed correctly, can actually save you money year round. It all comes down to the fact that dark colors absorb light and heat, while bright colors reflect it. It stands to reason then that window coverings that are dark in color will absorb heat and light into your home, and window coverings that are bright in color will reflect it away from your home.

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San Diego shutters and blinds: What’s the difference?

Whether you are buying a home or just feel like making some changes to your current place, window coverings are something that just might be a little more important than you think. There are many so options to choose from in San Diego. Shutters and blinds are two of the most common. We custom fit both blinds and Shutters in San Diego, creating the perfect look for your home. So what is the difference between San Diego shutters and blinds? Maybe this will help you.

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How To Save Energy With Window Coverings

No matter what the climate might be like where you live, you can boost your home’s energy saving potential year round by investing in, and properly installing, the right kinds of window coverings. This is accomplished primarily by conserving heat in your home during the winter, and preventing heat gain during the summer. With the right kinds of window coverings combined with a proactive approach, you will be able to get the best out of both worlds. Continue reading “How To Save Energy With Window Coverings”