What Separates a Family Dentist from a General Dentist?

There is nothing in terms of dental procedures that separates a family dentist from a general dentist. The difference lies in the scope of clientele that a family dentist works with. Many conventional dentists don’t work with children because the scope of their work does not include baby teeth. They may also restrict their dental services when it comes to elderly people because their clinic does not manufacture dentures. 

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Modern Root Canal Therapy

Have you been putting off a much needed root canal because of horror stories that you have heard in the past? If so, you can rest assured that dentistry has come a long way to ensure your comfort with this procedure. The most common reason why dental problems are left untreated for so long is simply due to the lack of knowledge and idea that major procedures such as a root canal is a lengthy and painful process to fix. Having the knowledge of why you are experiencing so much pain and what the process for a root canal actually entails can oftentimes alleviate the majority of the anxiety and stress associated with going to the dentist.

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