What Is Periodontal Disease?

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You’ve probably heard of this ailment referred to as “gum disease”. That’s one of the more common terms it goes by. However, many people also refer to it as “periodontitis” or “gingivitis”, which are both stages in gum/periodontal disease. This problem is a painful inflammation of the gums which can lead to pain, excessive bleeding, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Periodontal disease often results from a lack of proper dental hygiene or seeing your dentist for dental services on a regular basis. Continue reading “What Is Periodontal Disease?”

Dental Treatments for All Stages of Dental Decay and Gum Disease

Dental decay and gum disease are common problems that most people will face in some form or another during their lives. In this post, we’ll be outlining how both of these problems progress, and which dental services are most appropriate for all stages of each. It’s important to get these issues resolved as soon as possible, as later stages of each problem have shown to correlate with serious health issues like heart attack and stroke.

Continue reading “Dental Treatments for All Stages of Dental Decay and Gum Disease”