4 Steps To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs - Nervous Dog

As a dog owner, dealing with canine separation anxiety and distress can sound like a daunting task. When you become a dog parent, you never even think about the potential behavioral issues that might arise and the thought of having a dog that struggles with anxiety almost seems slightly absurd. The reality is, though, that at one point or another during your life of being a doggy parent, you are going to have to deal with issues and one of the most common is learning how to correctly and effectively treat separation anxiety.

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Dogs – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Our canine companions are often pretty straightforward creatures. They wear their emotions on their sleeves, and we can generally understand them through a simple look they give us, or the tone of their bark, or the way they move around the room. Dogs are different than cats in this way, as cats are more secretive and less emotional.

That said, there are still questions many people have about these furry creatures. In this post, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions about dogs.

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Cats and Dogs – How They Think and Communicate

There’s a reason cats and dogs are some of the most common pets. They are different enough from us to be interesting, while similar enough to make good companions. It also makes it easier that, despite the notorious animosity they have for each other, they can usually learn to live together. Cats and dogs also love us back – pet sitters will attest to this, as they often see signs of them missing our presence while we’re away.

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How To Take Care Of A New Puppy

So you’ve made the decision that you and your family are finally ready to get a new puppy. Getting a new puppy is as fun, as it is hard work. Puppies, despite being one of the cutest things on earth that can also bring a whole bunch of happiness into your life, take a lot of time and commitment to care for. So before you go out and adopt or buy a new puppy, there are some important things to keep in mind ( more than just what his or her name will be). Find out how you can get your home, your family, and yourself ready for all the love and work that comes when taking care of a brand new puppy. Continue reading “How To Take Care Of A New Puppy”

Easing Separation Anxiety for Your Pet

Your pet follows you loyally around the house, never far from you and always keeping you within eyesight. However, when you try to leave the house their loyalty quickly turns into panic. As a pet owner how can you tell when your pet is being loyal or if they’ve crossed over into anxiety territory at the thought of being separated from you? If you are planning to hire a pet sitting service like Queen City Pet Sitting it’s a good idea to become aware of separation anxiety symptoms and what you can do to abate fear of separation in your pet. Continue reading “Easing Separation Anxiety for Your Pet”