Spring Sprinkler Services in Idaho Falls

What are the Spring sprinkler services Idaho Falls offers?

Technology has made our lives a lot easier. Sprinkler systems definitely fit into the made life easier category. However, sprinkler systems are not a system that can maintain itself. There are certain steps that have to be taken during different times of the year to operate these systems. Regular maintenance may also have to be had to ensure it is working properly. Also, sometimes you do not take the care that you should to maintain your sprinkler system. Spring sprinkler services Idaho Falls was created for those who need help or may have troubles getting their sprinklers to work.

Spring Sprinkler Services in Idaho Falls

Sprinkler systems can be extremely complex and prove a difficult task for the normal, everyday individual. There are many parts and pieces that comprise a sprinkler system, so Idaho Falls spring sprinkler services are usually best left to an individual with a lot of knowledge in the matter. In addition, you might not have the tools to fix the problem on your own.

New Leaf Maintenance can help you maintain your sprinkler system at any time of the year, whether you need to flush your system or have a head replaced. Often it is difficult to diagnose a sprinkler problem, especially if it is underground. Having an expert that understands these systems will allow you to solve any sprinkler system issue. It is important to know what some of the general spring sprinkler services Idaho Falls can offer you. Some of the services offered can be:

  • Sprinkler Installation-The Spring is a great time to install a sprinkler system. It is right before the heat of summer and can allow you to water your lawn with ease all summer. Installing a sprinkler system in the spring will involve, mapping out the sprinkler layout, digging trenches, connecting to the water, installing a valve manifold, laying the pvc pipe, installing sprinklers, and installing the controller.
  • Spring Sprinkler Services Idaho Falls Repair-Due to harsh winters, a failure to maintain, or just the passing of time, there may be repairs that have to take place. Some of these repairs are simple fixes while others can be extremely difficult. A loss of pressure of a clogged pipe may require special tools that most people will not have. Usually a lot of the problems that occur in the spring are related to pipe damage. Pipe damage can be caused by poor installation, old pipes, damage caused by tree roots, and a lack of proper winterization. This may mean digging up the old pipe and installing a new pipe.
  • Starting Up the System-This can take time so that nothing is destroyed in the process. Usually it is important to start slow by letting the water come gradually. Running the water too fast can cause fittings and caps to expand and break their seal. Winterizing and dewinterizing are both important processes that will we discussed in more depth.

These are a few of the services offered for sprinkler systems from New Leaf Maintenance. However, how do you know when something has gone wrong and you need a repair or some expert advice? Often there are telltale signs that there is something wrong with your sprinkler system. Sometimes you will notice brown spots on your lawn. This will often let you know that a few of the sprinkler heads are not functioning properly. They could be clogged or maybe they are broken.

Also, flooded areas and low water pressure can tip you off to there being major problems. These are clear situations when you should contact an expert for your spring sprinkler services Idaho Falls.

How do you prepare your sprinkler system before and after winter?

Preparing your sprinkler system for winter is an important chore that can save you a lot of time and money. If you neglect your sprinkler system going into winter, you may find in the spring that your system needs repair in numerous locations. To help you understand the importance of maintaining a sprinkler system, you should know why sprinkler systems are prepared before and after winter.

Idaho Falls Spring Sprinkler Services: Winterization

Winterizing your sprinkler system can save you a lot of hassle when spring arrives. There are certain steps that the experts at New Leaf Maintenance will follow that will ensure your sprinkler system will function come spring. Winterizing sprinkler systems is necessary because “sprinkler damage often occurs because people neglect to winterize their sprinklers in the fall. This is a time when sprinklers and automatic controls should be entirely shut off, and pipes completely drained of water. Failing to do this will result in water freezing throughout your sprinkler systems, resulting in damage.” When water freezes, it will expand. So if you leave water in the pipes, the pipes will expand as the water freezes wreaking havoc throughout your sprinkler system.

Idaho Falls spring sprinkler services can repair this damage, but it may cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. It is better to prepare every fall and winterize your system. Prevention is the key to maintaining your system. There are 4 Steps to Winterize Your Sprinkler System:

  1. Shut off the water supply and insulate-First, the water supply will be shut off so that water does not freeze in the pipes. If there are any exposed shut off valves or sprinkler heads, it may be a good idea to insulate them from the elements.
  2. Shut off the controller-The controller is usually automatic and will have to be turned off. New Leaf will know your system and be able to shutdown the automatic controller.
  3. Drain the pipes-The pipes will have to be flushed in order to clear them for the colder temperatures. Sometimes there is a drain valve, and others can be cleared by using compressed air.  
  4. Protect System Valves and backflow preventers-Covering any exposed part of your sprinkler system to the cold will help maintain your system and its longevity.

The experts can perform this process quickly. Instead of worrying about all the repairs after damaging your sprinkler system, ask New Leaf Maintenance to winterize your sprinkler system. Once these steps are taken, the next steps for spring sprinkler services in Idaho Falls will turn to starting up your system in the spring.

Idaho Falls Spring Sprinkler Services: Dewinterization

Spring Sprinkler Services in Idaho Falls

After the harsh winters that we experience in Idaho, there is usually some maintenance that must occur to get the sprinkler system operating properly. Usually this will entail reverse steps to winterizing. Before starting your sprinkler system, the soil should be tested to see if the ground is still frozen. If the ground is still frozen, you will still have problems with freezing pipes. Usually this can be done by digging a little with a shovel. The control panel will then have to be turned back on. New Leaf maintenance will make sure that it is running properly and that your sprinklers are connected to the controller.

The sprinkler heads should also be checked during spring sprinkler services Idaho Falls. This can be one of the most time consuming portions of spring services. Once everything is checked it is time to turn the water on. The water should be turned on slowly to avoid any blowouts. After the water is turned on, each zone will be checked to make sure the sprinklers are functioning properly.

Spring sprinkler services Idaho Falls are important to maintain your lawn care needs. In order to have your lawn healthy and beautiful, there must be a properly working sprinkler system. New Leaf Maintenance have dealt with all the problems that sprinkler systems have to offer. They will know how to address the specific problem that faces you. They can help you with winterization, dewinterization, and sprinkler repair. Once, they have set your system up you will be able to enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn.