Specialty Stockton Equipment Rentals

So, You’re in Stockton, and you’re wondering where to look for the specialty equipment you need to get the job done. No worries, we’ve put together our best list of specialty Stockton equipment rentals to keep you on track. Some of the hardest categories of rentals to track down in my experience has been 1st, Specialty traffic control equipment. 2nd, tree removal equipment. And 3rd, Automotive equipment rentals. All these specialty tools have proven to be impossibly difficult to track down, but are incredibly useful! So let us do the hard work for you and let you know right off the bat the best places to find them in Stockton California.

Traffic Control Equipment Rentals

Stockton Equipment Rentals

What I mean by specialty traffic control equipment rentals is far more than your standard cones and sign job. Specialty traffic control equipment ranges from Delineators, Temporary traffic lights, Rumble strips, and even down to ADA Signs. There’s only one place in Stockton where you can get all this, and even more. It doesn’t matter what job you’ve got to tackle, they’ve got all the equipment you need and will even handle the permitting process! That’s Capitol Traffic Services. They are located at 1661 E Miner Ave. in downtown Stockton. They specialize in entirely traffic control rentals from your standard cone down to planning and executing complex traffic control plans in complete accordance with city and state law. If you don’t want to handle set up and take down, they do that too. They’re seriously a one stop shop for all things traffic control.

Tree Removal Stockton Equipment Rentals

If you’re out looking for tree removal equipment, Hats off to you. Honestly, that’s probably about my least favorite thing. Removing trees. But if you’re bound and determined to have that pesky palm out of your sight, here’s the best place we know of to go. Home Supply Tool Rental located on 2377 Waterloo Rd. has a full selection of tree removal, landscaping, and light equipment for any job. They will cover you from start to finish with chainsaws, boom lifts, chippers, splitters, stump grinders, and even trailers to move the remains off with. Additionally, there’s no better place around to find all your tree cutting and landscaping needs. They also specialize in rentals for just about anything you could need working around the house and the property, so they’ve got you homeowners and landlords covered.

Automotive Tool Rentals

Automotive Equipment

These have got to be the absolute hardest Stockton equipment rentals there are to find. There is just nothing here, Harbor Freight has been my friend for a long time for those one time diy crankshaft projects you’ll never do again. But after much searching, I’ve finally found a few places in Stockton that have automotive tools for rent. Of course Autozone has a few tools they will loan out such as harmonic balancer installers, pullers, and the like. But if you’re looking for an extensive collection of quality automotive tools available for rent, your best shot is to head up to Southside Rentals in Sacramento. I Know it’s not here in Stockton, but it’s located at 7439 Stockton Blvd, so that counts for something!

Southside Rentals has everything from tranny jacks and engine hoists down to that pesky 10mm socket you never can find. Their prices are hard to beat with a towable engine hoist available for $40 daily and $160 weekly. It’s certainly worth the drive for any project you’ve got going with your car or truck.


Hopefully This little guide on where to find those hard to find rentals really comes in handy for the rest of you guys who are in the middle of a project that’s not on your list of daily do’s. Whatever you’re looking for you can just about find it in Stockton. So get out there, work hard, and get those projects done. Any of these locations would be happy to work with you to plan out, and prepare for any future projects, ensuring you never wind up struggling to keep your head above water. Just ask for any assistance needed, or pick their brains about what to expect. They’ve got some experience under their belts and they’ll take care of you. If you’re wondering if renting is going to be the best option for you, have a look at our Rent or Buy Post.