Restoring Your Classic Chevrolet Made Easier With Tuckers Classic Auto Parts

You found your classic car or truck, perhaps in a field, or old storage shed, or maybe you bought it online or at an auction. It’s yours now, and so the adventure of its restoration begins. Restoring a classic won’t always be easy or fun, but in the end, it will be worth it when you are cruising down the road in your dream car and you are thrilled with how it turned out. Along the way, Tuckers is a great resource for finding classic Chevy parts that fit right and perform well, whatever stage of restoration you are aiming for.

Get Your Classic Chevy To Your Desired Restoration Level With The Right Parts

Most classic car enthusiasts agree on the basic four levels of restoration you can aim for when restoring a car and these are:

  • Driver Condition Level
  • Street Show Condition Level
  • Show Car Condition Level
  • Concours Condition Level
orange restored Chevy truck

In short, the driver condition level is getting the car running properly to be driven regularly, to include it being safe and having some cosmetic issues resolved. At this condition level, it doesn’t have to look even close to perfect, it’s just good enough to be street worthy and legal. Street Show level is a step up from the driver level. Autos at this level look good and run well. They have clean paint jobs and good bodywork, interior looks good. You could enter this in a car show and be proud of it being there. This car is also one that you feel comfortable driving regularly. Show car condition has a lot of money invested in it and professional work is done to it. You probably wouldn’t be driving this car around town to get groceries. Concours condition is immaculate, perfect, all original and has the appearance of just come off of the assembly line. More like a museum piece than a hobby. Most restorations to classic cars probably fall into the first two levels. Most people who restore a classic car also want to enjoy cruising around in it at least once in a while, if not daily! Part of the thrill of bringing a classic Chevrolet back to life with new parts and care is to enjoy being in it, driving it, and showing it off! Of course, if you have an incredibly rare classic car or a lot of money, the other levels of restoration are perfectly respectable as well.

yellow restored Chevy truck

Once you have decided what level of restoration you want to take your car or truck to, then you can think about what parts you will need to replace, and whether you will be replacing them with aftermarket reproductions, or if you are going to go with original replacement parts. Aftermarket and reproduction parts are easier to find, may be more cost effective and can be made with more modern materials. Original parts are harder to find, may be more expensive, but will, of course, look authentic and will fit best. You can also do a combination of original and aftermarket classic Chevrolet parts. Once you decide on what parts you are willing to use, you can decide how much of the restoration you can do on your own. If you are skilled in automotive work, you can save a lot of money by doing your own work on your own time. Not everyone has all of the skills or even the tools to do all of the restoration work on their own, however. Just make a list of what you can do yourself and what you will need to hire someone to do. Maybe you can overhaul the engine and electrical system yourself, but bodywork and paint are beyond your skill level. Do what you can and then make a plan to have someone else do the rest. Other things that you can do when you begin restoration of your project vehicle are:

  • Join car clubs for classic cars
  • Join online forums relating to your car
  • Search for original owner’s manuals and repair manuals for your car

These are just a few ideas of things you can do right away that will give you access to vast amounts of knowledge as you go into the restoration process. Use these resources and create a network of other people who have already done it to tap for advice and ideas. Many manuals are available online as scans, or downloadable. The internet has definitely made it so much easier to find parts for your classic Chevrolet restoration.

Starting Your Classic Chevy Restoration With the Right Parts

Carpet Kit for 1969 Chevy Truck

When you start your restoration, some jobs and replacements you can do right away and they will make a big impact straight out of the gate. One of these is replacing the carpet. It instantly makes an old interior look better, and it gives it that “new car smell” as well….replacing old musty carpets is so easy to do with Tuckers Classic Chevrolet Parts! We carry carpet kits for cars and trucks, in many colors. Our carpet kits are made to factory specifications and are heat formed and molded for a perfect fit. With a few basic tools, our carpet kits can be installed easily and quickly. It is a restoration step that will make a big difference in a small amount of time and for not a lot of money. It’s a great place to start!

instrument cluster for automobile

Another way to get the restoration underway is to replace the instrument cluster. Some classic cars will still have fully functional gauges and instruments. Others will need replacements. If you want original parts, you can scour the internet or junkyards. If you prefer aftermarket parts, you have many options to choose from. Tuckers have a large selection of aftermarket instrument clusters to really update your restoration to modern equipment that still looks fantastic, whether you are going for a near stock appearance, or if you want an updated look. Available for cars and pickups, these classic Chevrolet parts bring functionality and clean aesthetics to your project.

Chevy Truck Hood Hinges

Here is a part you might not think about at first, hood hinges! All classic cars have a hood! Are the hinges still in perfect working condition? These are moving parts that are subject to a lot of wear and tear over the years. Check to make sure yours open and close smoothly. If not, a good pair of new hinges are going to be helpful for the rest of the project! Tuckers has many kinds of classic Chevrolet hood hinge parts, as well as complete kits. These reproduction parts come in a variety of finishes and materials. These are quality parts that will enhance the restoration of the classic Chevrolet car or pickup.

Get started on your restoration now with parts from Tuckers for your classic Chevrolet restoration. Our parts make your labor of love easier and faster. Reach out to us for our expertise on your restoration project. Then get out there and show it off!