Restoration Tips For Classic Chevy Truck Parts

Got an old truck that is just sitting there gathering dust? Why not restore that bad boy with some classic Chevy truck parts? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it but just haven’t gotten started. Well, now is the perfect time. And to help you get started, here are a few tips to consider when you restore a vehicle with classic Chevy truck parts.

Do Your Homework

If you are going to start a restoration project with classic Chevy truck parts, you probably already know that it is important to have a good idea of what you are working with and what it could be worth when you are finished.

Bright Green Classic Chevy Truck

Even if you have no intention of selling your finished product, there are other reasons that you’ll need this information. One reason is for insurance. It will also be helpful when you are making decisions about the classic Chevy truck parts you choose, what you do with the interior, color, etc. The more information you have, the better decisions you should be able to make.

Tuckers Classic Chevy Truck Parts

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Speaking of making better decisions….when you need classic Chevy truck parts. You should check out Tuckers Classic Auto Parts. The team at Tuckers are classic car and performance enthusiasts. They want to bring back the feeling of the hometown garage and neighborhood hot rod shop by offering the knowledge, experience, and products necessary to support the complete range of products. This includes everything from classic show rods to daily drivers and street cruisers to the ground-pounding classic performance cars. Not only in Southern Nevada, but anywhere classic and performance car enthusiasts have a requirement and desire for quality products at a fair price. They also provide pre and post-purchase support.

Tuckers has pretty much any classic Chevy truck parts you need. In fact, their specialty is classic truck parts. But there is plenty more to their product line. Some of their features parts are carpet kits, headers, and instrument clusters. Looking for something else? No problem! Check out their parts catalogs.

Now, Make A Plan

The next item on your to-do list ought to be making your plan. If you’ve already done your homework, you will know that restoring your vehicle as close to factory as you can, might make a huge difference in what it is worth when you are finished.

Restored Classic Chevy Truck

If you decide to go that route, it may take a detailed plan that will include items such as, scouring the country for the exact parts you need, identifying a company that will be able to perfectly match the color of paint, or even needing to have some parts specially made. Either way, it will be beneficial for you to have a plan for everything you are going to need and figure out what your budget is going to be to make it happen. That is, until something unexpected happens. And it will. It always does. But it won’t be as much of a speed bump if you’re following a well thought-out plan.

To Wire Or Not To Wire

Chances are you’ll have some sort of issue with the wiring. It is a common problem to deal with for a few reasons. For example, when a vehicle is left sitting for an extended period of time, it can end up with mice or other rodents making their home inside. And when they do, they get a kick out of screwing up the wiring. What you do with the wiring is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Many wiring harnesses are available but there are some more rare ones that are not. You might even try making your own or having one specially made.

Fill’er Up

If the vehicle has been sitting for very long, it probably has some bad gas in it. Old gas that sits inside for a long time can make your system gum up. This makes a repair job difficult. And replacement is not always an option. Take a look and see how full the gas tank and fuel system is so you can figure out what it will take to make the system work again. This information will likely be necessary to help you decide if you go for a restoration job or take a more modern route.

What Is The Condition Of The Motor?

Another important decision to make is going to be what you do with the motor. Once you know what its current condition is, you can research what it might cost to repair it or restore it. Coming up with everything you need for an old motor can be pretty expensive. A lot of people end up with newer motors in their restoration projects for this reason. You’ll have to decide if the extra cost is worth the benefit.

Does It Have A Nice Body?

Old rusted out classic Chevy trucks

Here’s your next big choice to make. You should do the same thing here as with the motor. Give the body a thorough inspection. Many classics sit for years without being touched. If not properly stored and protected, the dreaded rust can appear! If this happens, there may be no coming back from rusted through sections other than a complete replacement of that section. Doing this will allow you to make a comparison of the cost for new parts and the cost of restoring the old ones.

Get A Partner

For a frame-up restoration project with classic Chevy truck parts, you’re going to need an additional hand or two. Even if you are a master mechanic and have the proper equipment, having someone there to assist will save you time and money on your project. There’s nothing wrong with enlisting some help. It might even make the process more fun.

You Can Do It

Custom Classic Chevy Truck

A quality restoration project with classic Chevy truck parts takes time, money and a great deal of planning. Have a budget and be prepared for some roadblocks along the way. And check out Tuckers Classic Auto Parts for all your classic parts needs. Chevrolet trucks are a great option for restoration. Classic Chevy trucks had high production rates and were in production for more years than other vehicles. This makes them ideal for your restoration project because they are more affordable and available. You’ll also save on parts because they are more readily available and many of them are actually interchangeable with a variety of vehicles. For assistance locating those classic Chevy truck parts, just remember to give Tuckers Classic Auto Parts a call. Follow these suggestions and you should have not so many bumps on the road. Good luck!