Reset Your Mind and Enjoy Some Self-Care in These Paradisiacal Cities

Everyone needs to practice self-care from time to time, whether that means enjoying a simple massage or visiting a popular vacation city like Paris. In fact, taking a self-care vacation could be just the ticket to preparing yourself for 2022 professionally and emotionally. Know All The Things explores some of the best cities for self-care vacations now.


Santorini offers a Greek adventure for self-care needs of all kinds. Find a resort in this collection of islands to kick back and relax. Or walk the beautiful black and red beaches after scuba diving in the crystal clear blue waters depending on your preferences. No matter what form your self-care takes, you’ll find that the Greek islands of Santorini are excellent picks.


You could instead try Paris for your self-care vacation. Pamper yourself at a famous five-star Paris resort or luxury hotel, then check out landmarks, museums, and delicious restaurants to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to visit the Eiffel tower or check out the city at night, when it lights up and looks like someone scattered jewels over the landscape. There’s something for everyone in Paris, ranging from entertainment events to natural wonders and more.


Waikato, which is located near the city of Hamilton on New Zealand’s North Island, has plenty of hiking and adventurous opportunities for those whose self-care styles take the forms of hikes and outdoor explorations. Or you can visit the nearby city of Hamilton, which includes delicious restaurants, comfortable resorts, and more.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another potential city choice if you’d rather stay in the US for your vacation. New Orleans has it all, ranging from entertainment attractions, historical museums and archives, beautiful scenery, and delicious restaurants with food you can’t find anywhere else in the country. In fact, this may be the go-to choice for foodies who want a self-care vacation where they can enjoy scrumptious bites to recharge their minds and souls.

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Last but not least, maybe you’ll want to visit Seattle for your self-care vacation. It’s a great place for music fans since it hosts dozens of concerts, but it also has a variety of other festivals and attractions like the Space Needle, the nearby Mount Whitney, and beautiful beaches and mountains to explore on your own or with some friends. Choose a vacation rental that’s close to these sights for your convenience. Also, a rental will likely be more cost-effective than a hotel!

There’s so much to do in Seattle that you may not hit it all on one visit. Consider moving to Seattle permanently if you like the city’s atmosphere. Whether you choose to buy or look for apartments for rent in Seattle, use an online property listing site to take 3-D tours of prospective properties and to narrow down your options to something affordable and in your price range.

Staycations Can Be Fun, Too

If you’re more in the mood for a vacation closer to home, don’t fret. You can use a vacation rental site to locate cabins, hotels, and resorts in your local city. That way, you can enjoy a staycation and still practice self-care by getting pampered at a place other than your apartment or house.

The right self-care vacation can leave you feeling happier and healthier than ever, plus give you some ideas for what you want to look for in a house or a vacation home. You might even find that one of these cities becomes your favorite, inspiring you to move back sooner than you think! 

Featured Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels