Parts You’ll Need To Restore a Classic Chevy Truck

The classic Chevy truck (often referred to as the 1950’s Chevy truck) is a highly valued vehicle by aficionados for many reasons, but primarily for its rich history and classic aesthetics. For many, it brings back wonderful memories of childhood and driving through the countryside with their dad.

Due to the age of most of these vehicles, they are also commonly found broken down in the shop or backyard for years at a time. Because the owners can’t drive them, but don’t have the heart to get rid of them, they often sit there for many years and stagnate.

If you’re in this situation, and have been wanting to restore your classic Chevy truck with modern equipment while still retaining its classic look and feel, here are all of the parts you’ll need to get started.

  • Standard Equipment: This includes gauges, handles, knobs, floor mats, mirrors, sun visors, lights, bezels, and windshield wipers.
  • 700r Automatic Transmission: As one of the leading automatic transmission available, this is the ideal way of giving your classic Chevy truck the perfect level of torque, as well as maximizing its fuel economy.
  • Independent Front Suspension: Suping up a classic Chevy pickup truck means making it smoother to drive on paved roads as well as increasing your comfort on dirt roads.
  • Power Front Disc Brakes: This will give your vehicle a level of stopping power that classic Chevy trucks never had.
  • A Modern 350 Cubic Inch V8 Engine: These are the perfect fit for the classic Chevy truck.
  • Dual Exhaust w/Thrush Cherry Bomb Mufflers: Classic Chevy trucks sound good. These make them sound great.
  • Power Rack and Pinion Steering: This will improve its steering ability.
  • Left Rear Fender With Tire Holder: This not only looks great, it makes replacing a flat tire very easy.
  • New 1406 Edelbrock Carburetor: With such flexibility and ease of adjustment, this is exactly what your classic Chevy truck deserves.
  • All New Glass (Including Frames and Vent Windows): It might surprise you, but this is one of the biggest factors that gives your truck a modern, streamlined feel.
  • New Wiring Harness: These typically last about 60 years.
  • All New Plumbing For Brake Lines, Tranny Cooler Lines, and Fuel Lines: This will ensure a leak-free performance.
  • New Chrome, Bumpers, Grill, Mirrors, and Headlight Bezels: This gives your truck a very detailed look.
  • New Gas Tank: By this point, your old gas tank is likely rusted out.
  • New Bedwood with Chrome Strips: This is one of the coolest aesthetics possible for a classic Chevy truck.
  • Bench Seat with Carpet or Mat: The interior should look just as good as the exterior.
  • New Weatherstrip and Molding: This will make your rides quiet and draft-free.
  • Basecoat Clear Coat Paint 2 Stage: Nothing screams quality like a brand new paint job.
  • New Aluminum Radiator with Electric Fan: This is the ultimate way of preventing overheating.

It’s no surprise if all of that looks pretty overwhelming. Restoring a classic Chevy truck is no picnic, after all. This might leave you wondering whether you should DIY, or hire a professional. It all depends on your skill level, budget, and time.

Whatever course you take, you won’t be disappointed with a brand new, fully restored classic Chevy pickup truck.