Paradise Grilling Systems: Repair Your Grill, Don’t Replace It.

It’s a well known fact that the more we use our grills, the more of a beating they take. Over time, certain grilling components can stop working properly or break altogether, this doesn’t’ mean you need to send your beloved grill to the dump at the first sign of trouble. There are certain individual grilling system components that can be repaired and replaced easily and at home.

Before embarking on restoration of your grill, you need to ask yourself if your current grill is:

  1. Worth Saving.
  2. Currently fits both your gas grilling and entertaining needs.

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then it’s worth repairing. If not, you can find a new Paradise grilling system that will fit all the specifications you require in a gas grill.

Assuming that you’re ready to start repairs and replacing some parts, let’s troubleshoot the repairs your grilling system may need and find the best solution for the issue. We’ll also offer information regarding the lifespan and cost of replacing individual grill components as specified from this article by Consumer Reports.

Before you begin pulling your grill apart, double check that your fuel tank is in the off position and that the gas has been disconnected.

Troubleshooting Your Grilling System

Lifting up the lid to your grill to begin repairs can seem like a daunting task, however the grill’s basic design hasn’t changed much over the years, with the exception of some new bells and whistles. Since a gas grill is essentially the same across the board, repairing certain components can actually be quite easy. As you’ll find below, one of the most important steps to take in order to avoid a complete Paradise grilling system repair, is to clean it regularly, sometimes even before each use. Properly maintaining your investment is a key principle to increasing the longevity of your grill. But for now, let’s focus on what needs to be replaced or repaired on your grilling system.

paradise grilling systems repair

Cooking Grates

Cooking grates have a lifespan of from 3 to 10 years and are one of the most common pieces of grill that need to be replaced. According to Consumer Reports, over 30% of grill owners are plagued with grill grates that crack or flake. To avoid this issue from occurring, take care of the cooking grates by cleaning them with a stiff wire brush and oiling them before each use. If you’re cooking grates are beyond all repair, new grates will cost you anywhere from $25 – $150 for a set.


Since the burner resides inside the grill it can become coated with grease and other food bits that cause it to deteriorate very quickly. To avoid the problem of coated burners, clean the burner regularly. However, sometimes burners are beyond repair and need to be replaced. If you’re burners were on the lower end of the spectrum, like aluminized steel, that only has a lifespan of 3 years, try replacing them with higher quality burners of the same size and shape, made out of material like stainless steel or brass.

Barrier or Radiant

Between the burner and the cooking grate is the barrier or radiant. The barrier helps to protect the burners from excess grease, drippings, and delinquent food particles and was designed to provide a more even heating surface. The barrier or radiant is usually made up of metal plates, ceramic briquettes or lava rocks. Aside from the metal plates, the briquettes and lava rocks need to be regularly replaced in order to avoid potential issues. Additionally, keeping barriers unclean or not replacing them can lead to an unpleasant flavor on your food. YUCK! A good rule of thumb for replacing your Paradise grilling systems barrier is to replace or clean the barrier every season or twice a year (more if you use your frequently). Briquettes and lava rocks can cost anywhere from $4 – $50 to replace.

Venturi (Burner) Tubes

Did you know that one of the lead causes of uneven heating on a grill is due to a clogged or damaged burner tube? Sometimes, the tubes can become so damaged that they will fail to light, which results in uneven heat, a.k.a uneven cooking. So when’s the last time you check your tubes? First, check to make sure that your venturi tubes are not damaged or misaligned, both are common problems that may cause uneven heat. If the tube is damaged, get a new one. Tubes usually last from 2 – 10 years and will cost you anywhere from $10 – $60 per tube.

Pro tip: to avoid debris and critter from settling in the tubes, wrap the venturi tubes with an aluminum screen that doesn’t block airflow, but keeps everything else out.

Control Valves

Control valves are designed to control the flow of fuel to each burner. Each burner on your Paradise grilling system will have a control valve. Important: Control valves can not be repaired, once they are bad-you will most likely have to replace the whole unit. However, before you go and buy a brand new part, inspect the offending control valve. Inside the valve is the orifice which controls the flow of fuel. If this has become clogged, take a thin wire and clean it out. When you have finished inspecting and cleaning out the orifice make sure to put it back together exactly how you found it. Improper installation can lead to an explosion.

We hope these tips will assist you in all of your Paradise grilling system repairs. Remember that most problems you’ll face with various grilling components on your grill can usually be solved by regular maintenance and inspection, as well as investing in high performance grilling parts that offer a lifespan of more than three years.



Photo by The Digital Marketing Collaboration on Unsplash