How To Save Energy With Window Coverings

No matter what the climate might be like where you live, you can boost your home’s energy saving potential year round by investing in, and properly installing, the right kinds of window coverings. This is accomplished primarily by conserving heat in your home during the winter, and preventing heat gain during the summer. With the right kinds of window coverings combined with a proactive approach, you will be able to get the best out of both worlds. Continue reading “How To Save Energy With Window Coverings”

The Five Best Summer Off-Road Trails

Off-Road Vehicle

If you live in the West, you’ve been blessed with a wide variety of off-road trails that beg to be driven by anyone with a sense of adventure and a four wheel drive, aka you. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best trails for the off-road enthusiast who is ready to put a whole new twist on “road-trips”. We know you’ll be adding these trails to your bucket list before too long.

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What You Need To Know About Personal Estate Planning


Although it might sound like a lofty name, everyone has a “personal estate”. No matter what its size or scope, your personal estate is ultimately the sum total of everything you own. It includes your:

  • Home (or any other real estate you might own)
  • Car
  • Savings and checking accounts
  • Personal possessions such as furniture
  • Life insurance
  • Investments of any kind

We can’t change the fact that we’re going to die, but we can have some level of control over what happens to our estate after we pass on. This is accomplished through legally binding, written instructions. These instructions will dictate how your various property and investments will be handled after your death. Your property can be transferred to the people and organizations of your own choosing, rather than simply being left for the state to decide their fate.

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Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea

It is estimated that over 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, while over 80% of severe and moderate obstructive sleep apnea remains undiagnosed. If you snore or have trouble sleeping through the night, you could be one of the 80% that is suffering from sleep apnea, without even knowing it. There are some simple at home assessments  and questions you can perform on yourself or with a loved one before contacting a licensed sleep physician or family doctor. There are three main warning signs of sleep apnea:

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Why Regular Oil Changes Are So Important

Regularly changing your oil is essential when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. Clean oil is necessary for your engine and its components, as it provides the lubrication necessary for them to function without generating excessive levels of heat. After all, your engine is comprised of metal components that are moving at high speeds. Without clean oil, the valves, pistons, and gaskets will create friction, which in turn, causes heat. When this heat reaches high enough temperatures, it results in damage to your engine and its components. Continue reading “Why Regular Oil Changes Are So Important”

Should I Have My Amalgam (Silver) Fillings Removed?

While they aren’t overly common these days, amalgam fillings — commonly called silver fillings — have been used in dentistry for over a century. Like modern filling materials, amalgam dental fillings were used by dentists who drilled cavities out of people’s teeth. These fillings aren’t just silver in color, however, they also contain metal that makes them extremely strong and durable. Continue reading “Should I Have My Amalgam (Silver) Fillings Removed?”

Cutting Edge Off Road Vehicle Hose Clamps

Off Road Vehicle Hose Clamp

Are you looking for an off road hose clamp that is just as tough on the trails as you are? Traditionally, clamps have been clunky, ugly, cheaply made, and tough to use-until now. TKO Clamping Systems is dedicated to providing a clamp that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also resilient and easy to use. After years of trial and error, we finally have a product that meets the high standards that are required from a professional grade hose clamp. Our revolutionary design consists of a multi-hinged, 3 part aluminum band (in various colors), that incorporates a negative angle locking latch system. Each clamp is a quarter of inch thick and have been machined individually from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, this creates a high quality and durable clamp that you won’t find anywhere else. Continue reading “Cutting Edge Off Road Vehicle Hose Clamps”

Best Space Saving Bedroom Furniture in Texas!

Remington Murphy Bed

Are you in the middle of a renovation or are considering making a few changes in your home decor? When remodeling a room it is important to use every available square inch of space you have. One of the best tools to open up a space when furnishing your home is a wall bed. Bedroom furnishings, like wall-beds can help you save and utilize the space you didn’t know you had in your home. It is important that your Texas home looks good, especially when it comes time to entertain. Here are some great features a Wilding Wallbed Murphy bed can add to your home! Continue reading “Best Space Saving Bedroom Furniture in Texas!”

Do You Suffer From “Stash Guilt?”

Quilting Fabric

As I work on trying to minimize my own fabric purchases, the fabric stash phenomenon has been on my mind. As always, it never works. I think it’s partly due to age, mine and the fabrics, and partly due to space. My own stash seems to have a mind of its own, subscribing to the Storage Corollary of the Peter Principle: Stored goods will expand to fill the available space. So I’ve decided to make quilts from the fabric I already have. I can make a lot of scrap quilts so the smaller pieces I can’t seem to get rid of can get some use. Continue reading “Do You Suffer From “Stash Guilt?””