Who Needs A Business Lawyer?

Business Lawyer Reviewing Paperwork

If you are an entrepreneur starting your own business, one of the last things you want to do is spend more money on someone that is not contributing to you making more money. Sometimes when people think about lawyers they think of someone in a bright colored suit, a slightly older car that bears a resemblance to their bright colored suits, and someone that can talk their way into or out of anything. If this is your perceptions I would be hesitant on hiring a lawyer to do anything for me as well. The truth is that you will need a lawyer at some point in your business venture. People are always looking for ways to get money and if they can sue you for something to get a little money, they will. This could be as petty as a small branding issue. Business lawyers know the ins and outs of the business world and are your best bet to get out of legal trouble, especially for small businesses who are struggling to make it. Continue reading “Who Needs A Business Lawyer?”

Business Lawyers – What They Are, and Why You Need One

Business Lawyers Drafting Papers

Lawyer can be a scary word, especially when you need one and don’t know where to turn. There are so many different types of lawyers out there, it’s hard to know how to go about getting the right one. Even if you get a referral for one from a friend or colleague that particular lawyer or firm might not handle the type of service that you are in need of. It can be a frustrating world to try and navigate around. Continue reading “Business Lawyers – What They Are, and Why You Need One”

The Best Shutters For Your Home

When thinking of your home’s windows, choosing the correct shutters probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, even though it could be a decision that you will continue to benefit from long after you have them installed. Many people don’t realize just how much money they are spending in air conditioning and heating due to sub-par window treatments, or how easily and affordably this problem could be resolved. Window shutters are a home investment that, if chosen and installed correctly, will pay itself off in time due to mitigating energy from being brought in and expelled from the home. Continue reading “The Best Shutters For Your Home”

What You Need To Know About Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

The living landscape around your home needs water to survive and flourish, and relying completely on natural rainfall usually isn’t the best method for watering your gardens and lawns. Dragging hoses with attached sprinklers around your lawn, then trying to remember to move those sprinklers every hour or so is troublesome and not very cost effective. How many times have you forgotten about the hose and hours later remembered, only to find washed out patches of lawn or mud-holes where flowers used to be? Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Winterizing Your Sprinkler System”

Filing Bankruptcy? You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney in Fort Myers

In this day and age, many people and business owners across the country are facing varying degrees of financial issues and/or failure. Due to increased debt to income ratios, taxes, and other economic factors, more and more people are filing for bankruptcy. Once thought of as the end to your financial future, bankruptcy is now a means to creating a more stable financial future or at the very least, clearing any outstanding debts. Continue reading “Filing Bankruptcy? You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney”

Micro Adjustable Clamps Coming Soon!

Micro Adjustable Clamp

Throughout the year, we attend a lot of car shows across the United States. Two of the most frequent questions we get at these car shows are, “How do I measure my clamp?” and “How do I adjust my clamps?”

Well, we are happy to announce, after months of development and planning, that we finally were able to file the required documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for our new Micro Adjustable Clamp. Continue reading “Micro Adjustable Clamps Coming Soon!”

3 Common Auto Accident Injuries – And How a Car Accident Clinic Can Help

Every car accident is different, which is why some people walk away with only a few scratches while others are left in a more critical condition.  However, most victims of car accidents have injuries that fall somewhere in between. There are also some common injuries caused by car crashes that, although they may not seem especially critical in the moment, can have a huge impact on your quality of life down the line if left untreated.  Here is a rundown of three of these types of injuries and how the specialists at Integrative Physical Medicine in Orlando treat them. Continue reading “3 Common Auto Accident Injuries – And How a Car Accident Clinic Can Help”

Are You Safe From A Home Burglary?

Home Burglary

The FBI recently stated a frightening statistic – home burglaries happen every 14.6 seconds. Many people feel as though they are exempt from a home burglary, however, it happens often and not always in the middle of the night, like most would assume. Burglaries typically occur between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, when most home owners are at work. After all, who would suspect a break-in during daylight hours? Not many! So what is the first step to avoiding becoming part of this statistic? To be aware, and then to know it could happen to you . . . when you least expect it. Continue reading “Are You Safe From A Home Burglary?”