Need Traffic Signs?

Capitol Traffic Services provides virtually any traffic sign you need to properly control traffic. They have a full service sign shop complete with many commonly required signs in stock that they can ship out to you in no time. However, if you need custom signs with your own designs and information, they can create them easily using their CNC router which can create custom shapes, flat-cut letters, and anything else you need. These can be created from the following materials:

  • Sign Foam
  • ChemMetal
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum

They offer:

Warning Signs

Traffic Signs

Their warning signs will alert drivers of dangerous and unforeseen road conditions. They may include messages saying that drivers need to reduce their speed, perform certain safety actions, promote more efficient driving techniques, and other things related to increased driver safety. Warning signs are usually shaped like diamonds and include black edged borders and yellow backgrounds. Capitol Traffic Services has many warning signs in stock, but can also design custom warning signs. They are often used to indicate:

  • Road width, surface conditions, and weather warnings.
  • Traffic control notices.
  • Additional information for other preexisting road signs.

Temporary Traffic Control Signs

Traffic control is always required during infrastructure maintenance and roadside construction projects. While we all find this inconvenient, it’s necessary to ensure the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians. Traffic control signs are absolutely necessary to keep driving and work zone operations safe and efficient. Capitol Traffic Services provides a wide variety of temporary traffic control signs. Some examples of these include signs indicating:

  • Incident management
  • Roads under construction
  • Road work, work zone, and end of work signs
  • Utility and maintenance work signs

Regulatory Signs

Traffic Signs

These are used to show information about road regulation requirements. Their regulatory signs are all made in conformity with the California DOT and ADA. They are designed for maximum visibility both day and night. Regulatory signs they provide include:

  • Parking, yielding, and stop signs
  • Speed limits and enforcement
  • Road feature signs for roundabouts, closed roads, etc.
  • Lane control, passing, and slow traffic lane signs
  • One way signs
  • Divided highway signs
  • And more

ADA Signs

Traffic Signs

In accordance with the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), Capitol Traffic Services provides ADA signs that are made to be clearly visible. Many of them can be read both visually or through tactile touch. They are created with glare for those with impaired vision so they can be clearly read. Some custom ADA signs they provide include:

  • Restroom signs
  • Window inserts and custom ADA signs
  • Informational and safety signs
  • Handicap parking signs
  • Fine signs


Capitol Traffic Services provides road stencils comprised of thin, thermalized aluminum or polymer plastic. They can be cut into different shapes and with different symbols and characters. You can choose from virtually any shape, design, and style. These stencils come with a variety of advantages. They are easy to apply and will provide you with:

  • Safety and order
  • Affordability
  • Custom designs