Natural Ways to Support Your Thyroid

The thyroid regulates pretty much everything in our body, producing hormones that regulate our metabolism, digestive functions, brain development, and more. That’s why, when a person is diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, such as Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) or Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), bringing the thyroid back into balance, is critical for a person’s overall health. 

A thyroid condition is a lifelong disorder that must be regulated for the rest of a person’s life. And, while this may seem overwhelming at first, there are proven natural treatment options* offered by many holistic thyroid doctors in Oak Brook, IL that can help you to support your thyroid and regulate your hormones. Most natural treatments for your thyroid should be used in conjunction with any medication you may be required to take. As functional medicine providers, Vitality Family Health’s goal is to find the root cause of your thyroid condition and work to facilitate a well-rounded treatment program that will address the cause of your thyroid disorder at its source. Continue reading to learn more about natural solutions that can help support a balanced thyroid.

Stress Reduction & Management

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It’s becoming more apparent to health professionals and people worldwide that stress, especially chronic stress, has detrimental effects on the body’s functions, and can be a trigger for thyroid dysfunction. Why is this? 

As Mind Body Green explains, cortisol (your primary stress hormone) can block conversion to the active T3 (one of the hormones produced by your thyroid that helps to regulate the body’s functions) and increases the reverse and inactive (rT3). Furthermore, stress can also cause “flare-ups” if you’ve already been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. To manage and reduce stress in your life, experts suggest sticking to a daily mindfulness practice. This could include everything from meditation and yoga to taking a walk in nature, journaling, reading a book, etc. The bottom line is that if stress is present in your life (which, if you’re a living breathing human, it most definitely is), you need to discover what techniques work the best for you to help you feel grounded and at ease. 

Heal Your Gut

Your gut and thyroid are intrinsically connected. Meaning that what you eat and drink has a direct impact on your thyroid and its functions. Food such as sugar and gluten have been known to cause inflammation and increase your risk and the symptoms of thyroid conditions. Because of this connection, our functional medicine providers in Oak Brook, IL, look for ways to “heal your gut,” and this can be accomplished through a variety of avenues, depending on the cause of your thyroid condition. Most often, to discover which foods are causing the inflammation, we start with an “elimination” diet. Following your doctor’s recommendations, for three weeks, you will remove the following foods from your diet

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Soy
  • Grains (including corn & rice)
  • Alcohol

After the elimination period, we will introduce each of the above food groups into your diet one at a time. Throughout this process, you will work with your family physician to keep track of how your body is affected by each food group as you reintroduce each back into your diet. From this data, we will be able to create a well-balanced diet plan that supports your health and thyroid, naturally.

For additional information on ways to support your thyroid or to schedule an appointment with a family physician in Oak Brook, IL, to have your thyroid checked, contact Vitality Family Health today.

*The above holistic thyroid solutions are not for everyone. Talk to your doctor before starting any of the treatment options listed in this article.