Sheen Genie Metal Polish for Chrome and Brass

With time and age, or even just normal daily wear and tear, many home products and decor need special care to keep them in tip-top shape. We do our best to keep all of our favorite home decor looking its finest but a lot of the times home remedies just don’t make the cut, so we have to find different routes to take for the perfect result.

For example, a lot of different types of metals that are used in either home or work environments are tougher to keep in good condition without the proper cleaning appliances. Some of these metals can include, brass, steel, chrome, copper, and/or aluminum. While there quite a few different metals used in homes and workplaces, these are the most common. As listed, brass and chrome services or appliances can be cleaned and taken care of with home remedies but by far the best way to keep these metals in their best shape is with a metal polish.

What’s the Best Metal Polish to Use?

While there’s no best or number one cleaning polish to use, it never hurts to do some research on what polish would be best for your certain metal appliance. With that in mind, one of the more commonly known and widely used metal polishes that’s recommended for your products is Sheen Genie Metal Polish. Sheen Genie was originally formulated and created as an industrial metal polish for the automotive detailing industry and quickly accepted as the “go to” polish for all of your metal polish needs. Sheen Genie offers a product that isn’t something that’s bought on impulse but on the genuine need of the product. As a quote on their website states, “Sheen Genie has been able to formulate an excellent solution that will not only preserve the polished look and feel but help you retain the gloss long term. This is excellent because it’s less effort, on your part, to keep the best look longer.”

What Types of Polishes Are Offered and What Are Their Uses?

Sheen Genie has a wide array of metal care products that are there for your needs, but the main 2 metal polishes that are used are the Chrome Polish and the Brass Polish, both which are highly recommended by Sheen Genie and many other users.

chrome polish

To start us off, we have the Chrome Polish. Chrome plating and chrome surfaces were mainly designed for the certain appeal and carefree surface they can offer and show. Chrome plating or services are also often used in automobiles (new and classic), semi-trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. Chrome plating is the process of other surfaces that are`coated or sealed in chromium, commonly done through electroplating. Chromium is known as a bright, shiny, reflective metal that is highly decorative, corrosive resistant, eases cleanliness, and increases surface hardness, depending on what the underlying foundation is made of. With its many benefits, it vastly improves the looks of different appliances or products it’s used in. Chrome plating is an expensive process and product, and once chrome has been plated it is important to take care of or it will deteriorate and will quickly begin to look both used and dingy.

Sheen Genie clears away buildup of oxidation and rust that may take place, and also operates as a scratch and pitting filler through a water and polymer-based chemical reaction. For those that are concerned, the Sheen Genie chemical reaction is safe for all chrome polish surfaces up to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit guaranteed.

brass coke bottle polished

The next best metal polish on the market through Sheen Genie is their Sheen Genie Brass Polish. Known by its characteristic dark-gold color, brass is a metal alloy consisting of copper and zinc. It’s often preferred over other metal alloys for its color. With many benefits brass appliances have to offer, it’s important to keep them in their best condition and you can get that look with Sheen Genie Brass Polish. Caring for brass doesn’t have a huge range of difference other than metal alloys, except that ammonia is especially effective at breaking down the surface of the brass. The Sheen Genie Brass Polish can help to reverse the effects of poorly or unwell kept brass objects and restore the original luster and shine. Using the Sheen Genie Brass Polish is quite simple. Following these instructions, polishing your brass will be made simple and effective:

  • First, apply a small amount of the Sheen Genie compound to an oxidized brass metal surface.
  • Then, determine the proper amount needed, (They recommend starting with an amount the size of a quarter.) Add more as needed based on the size of the brass surface you’re polishing.
  • For more softer metals such as chrome, polished aluminum, and jewelry, a small amount of Sheen Genie Metal Polish should be spread around the entire surface.
  • When you apply the metal polish to the surface, it’ll become smoother as impurities and oxidation are chemically removed and dissolved
  • Remove polish when a glass-like shine is attained. In most cases just wipe on and wipe off for the best effects. Feel free to do a second polish if you feel that it applies to your situation.

Final Thoughts on Sheen Genie Polish

Sheen Genie brass polish

You may be wondering, “What makes Sheen Genie different from other companies offering metal polishes?”. Their metal polishes and cleaners offer many benefits some companies don’t. For example, they use absolutely no abrasives. Abrasives are ultimately designed to scratch the surface to remove oxidation. It wears down your metal and will remove the protective surface that was put there on purpose for looks and gloss. They don’t use petroleum solvents or gels. Typically, petroleum solvents and gels can leave behind a residue which allows for the collection of dust and unwanted micro debris. The collection of debris will ultimately scratch the surface. Their metal polish and cleaner has the perfect viscosity. Not too thick and not to thin; just right. No buffing, or buffer wheels required. With the perfect ease factor, it’s a simple wipe on and wipe off factor.

The best thing about Sheen Genie Metal polishes beside the many benefits they offer and include to make metal polishing easier for you, is that it’s long lasting! Their ultra shine can last up to 6 months. That’s almost double the lasting effects for many other companies that offer metal polishes. Sheen Genie works with you to give you all the help you need with your metal appliances and wants the best results to satisfy all your metal polishing needs. Ultimately that saves you time and money, and who doesn’t love those two together?