Maternity Photography Through the Seasons

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful moments in life. Having that precious cargo to hold for nine months is a great experience and your body goes through many changes as your baby grows and develops. A very popular trend is to have a maternity photography session (or two or three!) to document your journey. Depending on you, your style and preferences there are many different options to make your photography session creative and unique just for you.

Picking the Perfect Location

flowers maternity photographyOne of the major things you need to consider when you have your maternity photography session is where you want your pictures taken. There are so many different locations that can help your photos be extra special. Depending on what time of the year you are pregnant will help determine the best place for your session. 

  • Spring: Spring itself is a time of rebirth. Visit a local farm and have your picture taken along with the many new mothers you can find there. I’m talking about the cows and chickens of course! April showers bring May flowers. With flowers in full bloom, a beautiful option is to have your session take place in a field full of them. Another fun and creative option is to wait for a rainy day and make a splash with your photos.
  • Summer: The hottest time of year opens up a variety of locations for you to utilize. If you live close to a beach, this is a fun place to have your photos taken. Sand castles and beach gear make great props. You could also visit your favorite places, such as the library, a café or boutique, to help personalize your photos. Many summers bring carnivals and fairs, these are quirky options to bring some fun into your session.
  • Fall: This time of year is full of warm beautiful colors. A great option is to go to a pumpkin patch for your session. Just like your round belly, you can use the pumpkins to add a bright splash of color. The same goes for an apple orchard. The trees and crisp apples are a wonderful prop to add dynamics to your photos. Another lovely option is to utilize all the colorful leaves, whether by laying in them or throwing them up in the air!
  • Winter: Even though this time can be quite chilly you can still capture great photos. Something as simple as a snow-covered field while wearing bright colors will create a beautiful snap. If you can’t tolerate the cold very well a fun option is to stay indoors by the cozy fire with a cup of hot cocoa.

nature maternity photography

No matter where you choose to go the most important part is you! You are the star of the show and your pictures will help capture these special moments for you to look back on for years to come. Using a professional photographer will help ensure top notch quality of your photos. To start capturing your pregnancy memories contact us here to schedule your maternity photography session.