Maternity Photography Start to Finish

The pregnancy journey is such an exciting one that you want to be sure to capture it all. Whether you are a first-time mom or have children already, each pregnancy is special. Capturing and documenting each milestone along the way will help you create memories for you to look back on for years to come. From the moment you find out you are pregnant all the way through until your baby is born and in your arms are all times you never want to forget. Hiring a professional photographer will help ease some of the stress that comes along with motherhood.

Pregnancy Photos

Maternity photography can be a broad term. Usually when you hear this term you think of just the time frame of being pregnant. However, it can include your pregnancy photos, labor and delivery and then also the newborn photos as well. Starting from the beginning are your actual pregnancy moments. A very common trend is to take a monthly photo to document the progress of your ever-growing tummy. Some people start as early as taking pictures of the pregnancy test showing their positive results. When taking these monthly tracking photos, try to pick a theme to centralize the photos. If you take the picture in the same spot each time it further helps to show your progress by having your surroundings as reference points. A cute tip is to wear the same outfit for each picture, at least for as long as you are able to! Another cute thing you should consider is having a sign showcased in the photo. Each month change it from Month 1, 2, 3 so on and so forth. You could include snippets about your pregnancy on the sign as well. Things such as your current cravings, the size of your baby, and changes you are experiencing with your body are all fun things you might forget later on if not noted somewhere.

Many people like to have one big professional photography session to showcase their maternity journey. Usually these photos are taken in the late second, early third, trimester.maternity photography with flowers and gown During this time your tummy is in its peak! It’s early enough you aren’t completely uncomfortable or possibly even immobile due to your pregnancy symptoms. Then it is also late enough into the pregnancy there is no mistaking your rounded stomach and is easily seen for your photos. Work with your photographer on ideas for your session. Things you want to take into consideration are the location, what to wear, time of day and maybe even a theme. Your photographer should have some great ideas for locations if you aren’t quite sure yourself. Places like open fields, the woods, and creeks are all beautiful locations to help make your photos unique and special. You could also hold your session within your photographer’s studio (if available) or in the comfort of your own home! A fun session is to have your pictures taken in the nursery you have so carefully put together for your little bundle. A new beautiful trend is to wear a maternity gown for your session. These gowns are comfortable to wear, are beautiful and help highlight your baby bump.

Other pregnancy moments you should consider hiring a professional for are gender reveals and your baby shower. In recent years, creative gender reveal parties have become quite the trend. During these parties your friends and families come together to celebrate and guess the gender of your newcomer. There is a myriad of ways you can have the gender revealed. A few top ideas are having a cake colored either pink for girl, or blue for boy, then cutting into it to reveal the color inside. Having a box filled with colored balloons and then opening the box to release the balloons is an exciting way as well. Another few fun ideas are colored smoke bombs, confetti or silly string. A quick swipe through Google will show you a bunch of fun ways to reveal your baby’s’ gender. Having pictures taken of the whole party is great but be sure to not forget the big reveal. Then don’t forget about capturing your baby shower! These parties are great ways to bring your friends and families together to celebrate and prepare for your bundle of joy that’s coming soon. Games, food and presents are all a must. As a first-time mother, a baby shower is a fantastic way to get stocked up on baby gear, clothes and necessities. If you’ve had children before, you may have stowed away a lot of the big baby items such as swings, cribs, car seats and strollers. A fun twist is to have what is called a baby sprinkle instead of a full-blown shower. These sprinkles still provide a celebration for the mom and baby. You might consider putting a present request on the invites for items such as diapers and wipes, especially if you have saved those bigger baby items from previous kids.

Labor and Delivery Photos

From the moment you found out you were pregnant you’ve been counting down the days until your precious baby is able to join you on the outside. Delivering your baby is the climax of the pregnancy. Mothers have different preferences when it comes to this time. A birthing plan is put into place before the big day to help prepare the mother and doctor for what to expect. Things people may consider are who will be invited into the room during this time. How are you delivering the baby, including if you want to be medicated or not? Do you even want photos or a video to be taken? Everyone has their own personal preference. If you decide you do want this moment documented with photography, a professional photographer is the way to go. This way you don’t have to worry about anyone being responsible for the photos, such as the father or your close ones you decide to have with you, and have them missing out on the experience.

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography sleeping babyAfter all the waiting, hard work, worry and discomfort you have finally made it to the end and have your precious bundle in your arms. To mark the end of your journey, having a professional newborn photography session is a great way to celebrate. There are many different cute and creative ideas for your session. Cute baskets and wagons are great props to include. Big fluffy blankets to swaddle your baby in make for a cozy photo. No matter the theme your newborn will be the star of the show. Keeping the props simple but creative will help focus on your newborn and provide for a lasting memory. A few tips to consider for a successful session are:

  • Safety first! Make sure any props used are safe. In many photos you may see a baby propped on something that may look a bit precarious. Photoshop has been used! Always be sure there is a spotter close or within the photo to ensure babies safety.
  • Timing. It’s recommended to get newborn photos around five to fourteen days after birth. During this time frame the baby sleeps for most of the day allowing you capture those blissful photos. Also, they are easier to maneuver and position during this time. Another thing to remember is that their umbilical cord should have fallen off at this point and won’t be captured in your photos.
  • Schedule. Try to aim for after they have eaten and been changed. This way they will be happy and remain fuss free for at least a little bit. If your newborn begins to get fussy, take a break and tend to their needs. You could potentially spend three to four hours on a session because of the needs of your newborn. Trying to work through it will only make your baby more upset and not allow you to capture those picture-perfect moments.
  • No flash! Nothing is worse than a rude awakening by a blinding light! This can startle the babies and even potentially harm their eyesight.

This newborn session marks the first of many moments to come. From their first birthday to them graduating high school, there will be many milestones and happy memories for you to capture with photography along the way. At the end of the day, when you look around you, all this “stuff” is just that, stuff. Family is what’s important and the memories you create and hold dear to your heart. As you get older it may get harder and harder to remember each of these special moments. Using photography will capture these memories and hold them forever. Being able to sit down and look back at your family’s life journey is a priceless thing to have. Consider hiring a professional for these moments and events. They have the experience and knowledge to capture amazing photos. Plus, by hiring a professional photographer you pass the responsibility of taking the photos on to them and allow yourself and your family to relish in the moment.