Local Stockton Sign Manufacturer

Manufacturing signs for traffic control and regulations are heavily restricted by the California Department of Transportation. There are seemingly countless regulations regarding their production. They must be produced by a licenced manufacturer, pass their reflective tests, be certain sizes, and have very particular engravings visible to prove that they are obeying the regulations. Finding a sign manufacturer near you can be quite difficult simply because many places don’t like to deal with the hassle of keeping each and every sign up to code. Lucky for us there’s a Local Stockton Sign Manufacturer just up the road from many of us.

Capitol Traffic Services

Capitol Traffic Services opened their doors over 30 years ago. They are located at 1661 East Miner Ave right here in downtown Stockton! They have long been a contractor for traffic control, but they are also certified for several other related tasks. Lastly, they are most well known by far for their Stockton sign shop.

The Sign Shop

Capitol Traffic Services has a full service Stockton Sign Shop capable of producing products ranging from standard traffic signs, all the way to banners! They have 2 tools hidden in their utility belt that make it possible for them to have such a wide range of custom products available for sale. Those tools are their CNC Router, allowing them to cut just about anything into a beautifully constructed sign. And a large format printer, helping them to print out any design you can think of for the front of signs and banners.

ADA Signs

Capitol Traffic Services is certified and fully capable of producing any and all ADA signs that you may need. This can be a huge help when you are renovating a business, or even just reworking the signage to bring it up to code. They make sure that all the ADA signs that leave their facility conform to California DOT regulations and ADA regulations. They can make ADA signs for window inserts, Safety signs, restroom signs, and so much more! 

Project Signs

Their project signs are available for sale or rent. They range from roadside construction signs to work zone project signs. Capitol Traffic Services has both pre-made, simple project signs, and offer to build fully custom project signs for you in a flash. They can build a large number of them very quickly if need be to keep you and your project on schedule. 


Capitol Traffic Services also provides banners for sale or rent in their sign shop. They will make banners for any event, from a construction zone, to a wedding party, they’ve got you covered. Any message that you want to put on, they can do. Their banners are made out of latex. The banners can come hemmed, with grommets, with a matte, or gloss finish, as well as fully colored!

Work Zone Signage

Last but certainly not least we have entered the true strength of Capitol Traffic Services, their work zone signs. Having perfected the craft over 30 years, Capitol Traffic services has become the region’s leading work zone signage manufacturer. They keep fully stocked on all the most common road signs that you could need for your project. If you need a specific sign however, they can use their CNC Router to make a sign from aluminum, wood, acrylic, PVC,  Sign Foam, Or even ChemMetal!

They are even registered as a local contractor with CALTRANS. This means that they can make and approve all traffic control plans for you! You don’t need to handle it. If you don’t want to worry about the set up or take down of the signage, Capitol Traffic keeps a large crew on hand ready to manage the traffic control for you and your crew so you don’t have to worry!


While not signage, Capitol Traffic services also make high quality aluminum pavement stencils. These stencils work hard to help you keep your parking lot or road in tip top shape. All their stencils are custom made, allowing them to put company logos and other personalized graphics down on the pavement. If aluminum stencils aren’t really your thing, they also offer low density polyurethane stencils, and high density polyurethane stencils! Speed is their priority and aim to ship out their stencils in 3 to 5 days to help you keep on schedule!