Leave The Tents—Go Hammock Camping Instead

Hammock camping is growing in popularity, and for good reason.

In a paradoxical way, it both gives you more exposure to the natural environment as well as added comfort (if you have the right equipment).

Hammock Camping Is More Versatile

Hammock Camping

With tents, you have a narrower limit when it comes to location and tent setup.

The space needs to be open enough to accommodate your tent, closed off enough to keep away the wind, and on a surface level enough that you won’t wake up with a sore back or cranked neck.

As campers know, this rarely works out according to plan.

With the right camping hammocks, however, you have a lot more options available. As long as you can find the right trees that are close enough together, you can set up in a cozy spot of your choosing—between rocks and trees, beneath piers, even over a stream or next to a waterfall!

Easy To Pack

Certain camping hammocks are made in such a way that, when fully enclosed in the stuffer, they weigh only a few ounces and are small enough to fit in a glove compartment. 

What’s more, camping hammocks are versatile pieces of camping equipment in themselves—they make great beds, as well as chairs or places to lounge around. This means you can forget the camping chairs along with the tent.

Openness To Nature

Camping is about a lot of things, but one of them is getting as much fresh air and exposure to nature as you can.       

A hammock gives you more of this and, depending on the conditions, can also keep you warm if you need (with a good hammock tarp) or keep you cool or neutral if the weather’s right—just set it up and you’re ready to hang out.

Hammocks Can Be Used In All Seasons

Hammock Camping

During the summer, hammock camping is super easy as all you need is the hammock, a sleeping bag and/or blanket, and you’re good.

Many camping hammocks come with built-in, retractable bug nets as well, so you don’t get eaten alive by mosquitos on your trip.

In colder seasons, bring a camping hammock with padding and a tarp. Many hammocks come with underquilts made specifically for hammocks, which lay between your body and the breathable hammock material. If you have the right camping hammock and additional gear, it can keep you warm all throughout the night.

Durable Material

Many camping hammocks are made with custom material specifically for roughing it. 

Does this mean the material is bulky or uncomfortable? Far from it. Many manufacturers have found the perfect balance between material durability and softness, giving you the best of both worlds all in one single package.

Taking Care Of Your Camping Hammock Is Easy

Most camping hammocks can be washed and dried easily, usually only requiring hand-washing and hang-drying.

As stated above, the material in camping hammocks is made for durability and longevity, so making sure to wash and dry your hammock regularly can easily make for a camping hammock that will last a lifetime.