Lawn Fertilization: Why It Matters

There is a lot that goes into creating a beautiful lawn for your family and friends to enjoy at your home. It all depends on the climate that you are in, but for just about everyone — lawn fertilization is just part of what it takes to have the best yard on the block. You can learn a lot more about the other aspects of lawn care from lawn fertilization experts like Turfco. However, this article will focus strictly on lawn fertilization and why it matters to your lawn. Here are a few reasons from LawnPride why you should make lawn fertilization a priority.

Green Is Best

Not only will lawn fertilization help to make your grass nice and green, but it is also green as far as the environment is concerned. This makes it a win-win! This is because it uses natural chemicals and vitamins. So there is no need to feel bad about any impact it might have on the environment. And if you happen to have some excess waste, that’s not a problem because it will just dissipate into the soil. You can even use your own lawn clippings for some fertilizing! Not only will feeding these nutrients make your grass lush and green, but it will also grow faster. It is the ultimate way to create great, healthy plant life.

Nutrients In Your Soil

The most important way to make sure that you have a beautiful and healthy lawn is by having great soil for it to live and grow in. Fertilizer is how you can make this happen. The nutrients that you want to have in your soil need to be replenished because they can naturally get lost over time. Fertilizer will give the soil that fresh dose of nutrients that it needs for your grass.

Speaking of grass, it needs fertilizer just as much as it needs sunlight and water. Everybody knows about the sun and water part, but sometimes the lawn fertilization can get overlooked. Without phosphorus (the nutrient that will stimulate the growth and promote healthy roots), nitrate (this makes your grass green and grow thick and dense), and potassium (this strengthens the grass cells — providing a stout defense against drought, disease, weather, and everything else your grass has to endure) your grass won’t be as healthy as it should and could even look shriveled and brown.

Weed Prevention

Many fertilizers have some weed prevention chemicals included in them. But the real benefit is that the grass will be so healthy and strong that the roots won’t be susceptible to letting weeds get in. Once a lawn gets damaged or weakened it leaves an opening for weeds to take root and begin to grow. It is much harder to eliminate weeds that are growing strong than to prevent them from appearing in the first place.

The Cost

The cost of using fertilizer is minimal for the benefit that it provides. Lawn fertilization is likely not as costly as you might think. Many homeowners neglect doing this for their lawn’s just because of the cost. It is a natural concern, but maybe not a necessary one. In fact the best lawn fertilization companies will offer you a free estimate for their services.Fortunately, with a good fertilizer strategy, you will just need some routine maintenance like mowing and watering to keep that yard looking great.

Easy To Use

Don’t worry, putting fertilizer on your lawn is not too difficult. You can easily spread the fertilizer yourself. Just make sure that you follow the instructions and spread it evenly throughout your lawn. If you follow a consistent schedule with your lawn fertilization, it will help your lawn to stay healthy, which will go a long way towards preventing those unwanted weeds from popping up too.

In Conclusion

There are a variety of benefits that will come through the use of lawn fertilization on your property. And we’re not just talking about making your friends and neighbors wish that their yard looked as good as yours does. A good-looking and healthy lawn needs good soil to grow in. Fertilizer helps to make this happen. Soil can naturally lose nutrients that it needs and fertilization is one way to replace those lost nutrients.