Landscape Design Tips For Your Front Yard

Your front yard is a major part of your landscape design and is the first part of your residence that a lot of people will see. It can highlight the entrance to your home and add tons of curb appeal. It can also have the opposite effect if it is done poorly. This is where landscape design comes into play. There are several aspects of landscape design that you’ll want to take into consideration for your front yard.

The Entryway

When you are planning the entryway portion of your landscape design, there are three main elements to consider. These landscape design elements are access and parking for your vehicles, the walkway to the door, and the accenting of the front entry.

Driveways are typically made from durable and long-lasting materials that are easy to maintain like concrete, exposed aggregate, and bluestone. This is a good start. Now, take it to the next level by lining the pathways with pavers. Throw in some complements with colors and plants and you’ve got a spectacular result.

The Entertainment

If you plan to have people spending time in your front yard, you are going to need a place for them to be. Preferably one that is comfortable. A patio is a way to make that landscape design more welcoming. This could include shade for when it gets too hot out, some options for seating, and even some pretty flowers or a bush to make it feel a little more intimate.

The Garden

Every size of front yard can be enhanced with some texture from terraced plants. This also offers more available space to use for planting. It is recommended to select bright, colorful plants that will have a variety of form and texture for the best visual. Choose plants that are easy to maintain.

The Flowers

Think about what makes a great landscaped yard. They almost always have some plants right? This is essentially a no-brainer way to make your yard look better. Bright and bold is the way to go here — especially if you don’t have a ton of space to work with.

Landscape Design in 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that things are always changing. This is true for landscape design as well. Landscape design trends evolve over time. So what’s happening with landscape design in 2020? Here are 5 landscape design ideas for 2020.

  • Personal space — Landscaping is an expression of yourself. Some of the popular ways to make this happen are xeriscaping for more sustainability, creating an edible garden and reducing your carbon footprint, or installing native plants to contribute to the local ecosystem.
  • Smart Irrigation — Technology can be great. This saves homeowners a lot of time and trouble. When we’re talking about technology for landscape design, we’re probably talking about water. Using a smart sprinkler system is an easy way to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Blue — This is the color of 2020. There are a lot of people incorporating the many variations of this color into their landscape. Water features are an amazing way to enhance your property with some blue. There are also plenty of plants that can bring the blue as well.
  • Hardscaping — If you have plans on creating flat and uniform landscaping, you are living in the past. The future is going to be filled with more ornate layouts. For example, a lot of people who are using stone or concrete hardscaping are doing so with waves and other patterns for their walkways and retaining walls.
  • Simple And Functional — Minimalism is becoming more common in the landscaping world. You can expect to see more landscapes that have impressive sleek designs that are also functional. One example of this would be using landscape construction that provides protective structures to people to spend time in.

In Conclusion

Start your landscape design with plenty of thought and imagination before you do anything else. A well-designed landscape on your property will complement the architecture and appeal of your home. Plus it will give a major boost to its market value. Win-Win!