When Is Assisted Living Right For Me?

Deciding when or if assisted living is the right decision for you and your family is a very personal decision. One that you, or you and your current caregiver must make together. The purpose of this article is to provide some guidelines that if you find yourself falling into, may indicate assisted living is the right choice for you. Which brings us back to square 1. When is assisted living right for me?

Alzheimer’s Or Dementia Symptoms Worsen

Clearly, if this is the case, it will likely be the caregiver making the decision for you. The symptoms that will often put your care out of their manageable scope are as follows:

  • Aggression

As Dementia worsens and your confusion increases so does aggression in many forms. Many Dementia patients become physically aggressive, sexually aggressive, or just downright violent. If this is happening to you, It’s a clear sign it may be time to look into Assisted living.

  • Sundowning

Sundowning, or confusion that sets in as the sun sets is another good sign that it’s time to start looking for a home. It can often precede aggression. It requires far more in depth care than most family caretakers are able to provide.

  • Wandering

Another dangerous sign it may be time to turn to assisted living is wandering. Wandering can put yourself in a great deal of danger, as well as the family members caring for you. Residential homes simply don’t have the ability to keep you from exiting, and wandering in confusion to places you shouldn’t such as train tracks, busy highways, and more.

Doing The Daily Do’s Gets To Be To Much

As we age, our ability to complete even simple tasks can greatly diminish. When it gets to the point that you find yourself needing assistance from friends or family members to do some of the daily tasks of living it’s time to seriously consider seeking help. Following are several situations that assisted living is designed to combat.

  • Stress

If the day to day activities of living have gotten to the point that they cause you stress, wondering how you are going to possibly get it all done. It’s likely time to start looking into some of the home care varieties of assisted living.

  • Hygiene

When personal hygiene deteriorates because of increased difficulty of daily tasks whether it be due to physical ailments, or simply the process of aging, it is often time to look at homes near you.

  • Safety

Anytime you are worried for your safety when living on your own it is certainly time to find assistance. 

You’re Feeling A Little Isolated

Assisted Living Social Life

Believe it or not, this is actually one of our biggest recommendations. If you are feeling alone, Then please, look into assisted living! At the right home the social atmosphere is a huge focus. With regular trips to many of the local sights, game nights, and the lot, residing in an assisted living home can go a long way to curing your feelings of isolation and loneliness. It’s easy to feel alone even in your own neighborhood because of the gap of experience placed between you and your neighbors. Everyone is at different stages of their lives making it difficult to foster deep connections with them.

In an assisted living home you are right next door to dozens of other residents in your same shoes. The social community is vibrant with regular visits from the community, and Aides that are helpful and caring. They put forth effort to know every resident by name, and regularly spend time with them.


Applying to reside in an assisted living facility is fairly standard wherever you are, Simply fill out their resident application form and provide any applicable medical history and insurance. They will review your application and make sure you get the proper care. Keep in mind that different assisted living homes have different care specialties. For more information on the different varieties of assisted living homes check out this article we found. Depending on your medical condition you may require more intense care than is offered in many assisted living homes. Wherever you apply will help you make sure you find the best location for you. If you have any questions about what is the best fit for you, don’t be afraid to reach out to a facility near you.