In’s and Out’s of a Chevrolet Truck Restoration

One of the best feelings you can experience is that feeling you get when you’re driving down the road, the sun is shining, your windows are down and your hands are on the wheel of a recently restored Chevrolet Truck. Passerby’s are envious but they also admire all the hard work that’s put into a classic restoration. You yourself knows above anyone else the time and effort that’s required for a proper and complete restoration. Pure satisfaction is one great reason why you should look into restoring your Chevy Truck today.

411 on Chevrolet Truck Restoration

When starting a restoration project there is a lot of different aspects to take into consideration. First things first, you have to obtain your project car. Chevrolet Trucks are a great option for restoration. Classic Chevy Trucks had high production rates along with longer production years than other vehicles. Because of this they are more easily found and more affordable to purchase. They are also cheaper to work on because the parts are more readily available. Another great perk of Chevy Trucks is many of the body parts, especially within the engine, has interchangeable abilities with other vehicles. If you can’t find the specific Chevy part you need you can consult an interchangeable guide to see what other vehicles have a compatible part that would suit you and your needs.

Car RustThe next step is to make an assessment on the overall condition of your truck. You’ll need to take note of what kind of condition the body is in. Many classics sit for years without being touched. If not properly stored and protected, the dreaded rust can appear! There is no coming back from rusted through sections other than to completely replace that section. If you’re lucky the rust won’t have gone through the metal and you can sand out the rust, use a car putty to even the spot out and then paint over it. Also, during this timeout, bugs and rodents can have their way with the fabric interiors and the inner wirings causing damage.

Another advantage of choosing a Chevy Truck is the vast knowledge that is readily available to you. There are many different websites, forums and groups you could join and manuals you could reference. Some people don’t think about the overall big picture of restoring a car. Many just think of getting the engine running again and stop there. Which yes, having a running engine is a very important part of a vehicle. However, if you want to properly and completely restore a car to its full glory, you’ll need to take into consideration all the little things as well such as:Chevy Truck Hood Hinges

  • Hood Hinges
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Body Hardware
  • Interior Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Seat Belts
  • Steering Column
  • Decals
  • Weatherstrip Rubber
  • And Much More!

Even though most of these things are relatively small parts, they are important pieces to your overall restoration. More often than not, these small parts are overlooked which would leave you with an incomplete restoration. Often times these parts are worn, damage or even missing. Something as little as the hood hinges can easily be forgotten but are very important to have.

The thought of taking on a complete restoration project can be quite daunting, but to the right people it’s a very rewarding process. To have a love of the classics, owning one yourself and then to also completely restore it is such a satisfying journey. You have to be dedicated, hardworking and patient. With the help of Tuckers Classic Auto Parts, you can find the parts and professional guidance you need with your restoration project.