How Window Coverings Can Pay For Themselves

It might seem strange or even impossible, but the right window coverings can actually pay for themselves. The reason for this is that window coverings, if chosen and installed correctly, can save you energy by keeping your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Every year, people spend far more money in HVAC utilities than they have to for a variety of reasons. A lot of it comes down to poor insulation.

So, how can window coverings like blinds, shades, and shutters be about more than just interior design and maximize your home’s energy saving capabilities? The answer is so simple it might surprise you.

Purchasing and installing window coverings that are the right color, depending on the time of year, is crucial.

Remember: Dark colors absorb heat and light. Bright colors reflect heat and light.

Starting to make sense?

Cutting down on heating costs

If you live in a predominantly cool or cold climate, such as various places in the north, you will want to purchase and install window coverings that are dark in color. This means they’ll absorb heat and light into your home when they are closed.

Keep your window coverings open in areas where the sun is directly shining to bring as much light into your home as possible. While that’s happening, keep them closed in other areas of your home where the sun isn’t shining – this will draw in more light and heat. Later at night, keep them shut as tightly and securely as possible so that no heat escapes.

Some companies sell window coverings that have a duel quality of being dark on one side and light on the other for this exact reason. Keep the dark side facing outward during the day to draw in more heat, and the light side facing inward at night to trap that heat inside the house.

You’d be surprised just how much this saves you in heating costs throughout those long, cold winters.

Cutting down on cooling costs

During the summer, install brightly colored window coverings. These will reflect heat and light away from your home.

Keep these window coverings closed throughout most of the day. In areas that are hot where the sun is shining consistently, you will want your window coverings closed to reflect as much heat and light away from your home as possible.

Later at night, open your blinds to allow any heat that has accumulated in your home to escape through your windows. It might be a good idea to keep the windows themselves open as well.

As stated above, you can purchase dual quality window coverings. Only this time, keep the bright side facing outward during the day to reflect heat and light, and the dark side facing inward at night to “absorb heat” out of your house.


If you live in a moderate climate that isn’t predominantly cold or hot throughout the year, be proactive! Purchase and install dual sided window coverings and reverse them at the appropriate time of the year.